Justin came from a wealthy family and was popular who dated any girl available. He was top shit and every girl would die to have him but suddenly he falls for a girl he has known since he was a litlle boy and her name is Amber Rivera. She's beautiful just no one notices her till one day shes rolls up at school in Justin's white Lamborghini.


1. Heart Breaker


I hear mum slowly creek the door open, it's the first day of school after the long summer break so I keep my eyes closed just enough to make it seem that i'm still asleep but also I can watch what mum is doing. I'm starting sophomore year so I will be 16 soon. My name is Amber. Im very shy but only cause when I was younger my family had some issues and I think thats why my mum, my younger brother cameron and I became good friends with pattie Bieber. She lives down the street and joes to gym with mum. 

I feel my mums hand caress my cheek bone. She quietly says to me "Sweetie, I just got a call from Pattie saying Justin would like to give you a ride in his car so, you need to get up because Justin will be picking you up in 10" Okay so Justin. He is my age and extremely popular.   He is the most dreamiest boy at our school. Its only a small school but still you get with Justin and you school life will be amazing and worry free. 


As soon as I here this my head starts alarming and I spring out of bed alsmost like I was going to shoot right through the celilingI put mascara on my little squinted eyes as I am part asian which is my most hated part about my self..... I then pull my long brown hair around the side and push away my awkward fringe from my face.  I hear beeping coming from outside. I look out my window to see Justin wearing a white shirt with his abs about to pop out and his biceps about to tear his shirt open. I keep looking at him till I notice its time to go. 


I run down stairs and jump into the car without say ing good bye to mum or hello to justin. He stares at me laughing as if Im a cave women who as never see a car. I realise what I just did and I put on my seat bealt as justin turns on the car and starts driving down the end of the street. "So first day back is going to be a rush with seeing all these new people and old friends and just everything" He says with his husky voice and I can tell he is tired. I reply with a simple "Yeah I guess". 


We keep talking and it's weird its like we know each others weknesses and strengths


It all goes quiet till suddenly Justin starts trying to make a decent conversation.  He says to me "So you got a boyfriend..." He laughs while saying this because he knows im single ".... I haven't got a girlfriend, but it dosn' worry me cause I can get any girl cause I guess Im a heart breaker"

By this point we pull into the school and everyone stares not at Justin but at me.Justin hops out and my bestfried maddy comes over and screams at me while trying to show me photos of Justin shirtless from facebook so I start laughing....

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HIS CAR!!!!!! He is a dream boy like how?? I get your parents are friends but a car ride to school means sex in a bush... so tell me how was it" I sit there expressionless and feeling like I have just got attacked by a crazy cat lady who asnt seen daylight for 50 years. "ugh we didn't have sex so can we leave" 

I slowly hop out of the car and say good bye to justin and he grabs my arm, pulls me in and says

"so you're the heartbreaker? Now saying bye then leaving"



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