Fame and Love -A Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda Jones, age 20, is a struggling actress and singer. She can't seem to pursue her career. Just when she is about to quit. She starts to date her old best friend, Harry Styles. Suddenly her career booms! But can she deal with all of the fame and hate? Or maybe, it's fame and love.


5. Lead Role

Chapter Five


Lead Role


I woke up to my phone ringing. My head was in a suitcase. I must have fallen asleep while unpacking. I ran to get my phone. "Jayda?" I recognized Ambers voice. "Oh hey, Bambi." I said. "YOU GOT THE LEAD ROLE!" Amber shouted. Oh my god. This was my chance! My big break. I screamed loudly with Amber. Harry raced to my room. "What's wrong?" He asked in a panicky tone. "I GOT THE LEAD ROLE!" I said to him. "No way! Jayda I'm so proud of you!" He said he ran up and hugged me. I forgot Amber was on the phone. "Sorry bout that! I had a freak attack!" I told her. She laughed. "Film shooting starts in a week." She said. "Okay!" I hung up and did a happy dance. "One week until we film!" I told Harry. "I'm so happy for you!" He said. He took a look around the room. "Whoa, what happened in here? One room tornado?" He chuckled. "I was organizing." I said. "Yeah it sure looks like it." He said sarcastically. "I bet your room is worse!" I told him. "Yes, yes it is." I giggled and went to clean up.

Harry calls the boys over. I've never met them before. "Hey, I'm Jayda." I said walking into the room. "That's Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis." Harry said. "Hi!" They all exclaimed. "Are you two together?" Niall asked with a smirk. "Umm no. Just bestfriends." I said nodding. But I wanted to be with Harry. "Oh. Sorry I just thought.. You know." Niall said. "It's fine! You're not the first that asked!" I said giggling. My phone rang. "TURN ON TMZ RIGHT NOW." Amber shouted then hung up. Okay. I turned on the telly. "Overnight superstar Jayda, will be in the upcoming film The Dangers of Love. But this cheeky Brit has been seen with no other than Harry Styles. Sources say they are together. Is this love true? Also check out The Dangers of Love in October 2014." I was just on TMZ! I screamed. "I told you they should be together." Niall said. "I WAS JUST ON TV." I said. "I'm proud of you." Harry came and picked me up. "Wait, what sources?" I asked. "Don't ask me." He said. "Oh well!" I said. I did a happy dance. I checked my phone. One million new followers! Holy crap! Twitter even sent me a request for verification. I accepted it and there was a blue check mark next to my name! I'm a celebrity. I ran to show Harry. "Blue check mark!" I told him. He smiled. "Can we celebrate?" I asked. "Sure. What do you want to do?" He asked. "Let's go out. Boys, your invited too." I smiled. They all said things along the lines of. 'Alright!' And 'yes!'.

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