Fame and Love -A Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda Jones, age 20, is a struggling actress and singer. She can't seem to pursue her career. Just when she is about to quit. She starts to date her old best friend, Harry Styles. Suddenly her career booms! But can she deal with all of the fame and hate? Or maybe, it's fame and love.


7. Filming

Chapter Seven




Today was the first day of filming. I was so excited! My first film! Oh my gosh I was hyperventilating. I was so freaking nervous. I've practiced my lines, and I'm pretty sure I could recite them in my sleep if needed. I heard a knock on the door. "Jayda? You awake, babe?" Harry asked. Okay so Harry and I still aren't dating. We haven't kissed or did anything since that night. He's just been there if I needed him.

Even though I have feelings for him, I have to hide them. He obviously isn't ready for a relationship. That's fine with me, I'll wait. But I can only wait for so long. "I'm up!" I shouted back. I got dressed in sweat pants and a cropped top, since they'd do wardrobe and makeup at the filming site.

I went downstairs for a quick breakfast, and grabbed my purse. "Have a good day!" Harry kissed my cheek. I smiled and hugged him. I walked to the door. "Bye!" I shouted. He waved.

Once I was at the filming site, I was directed to my trailer for hair, makeup, and wardrobe.


"Alright! Time to meet your cast members!" Demi spoke. Of course her and JLO and Usher were in the movie. Also Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, and Calvin Harris. Others too.

"Lead Roles are Jayda as Natalie. Justin as Turner. Austin as James." She spoke more parts. Okay, so basically I have to pretend to be in love with both Justin and Austin. Cool.

"Hey beautiful." Justin spoke. "Oh, hi." I smiled. Clearly I'm not interested. I mean, he's hot, but just not my type. "Want to hang out later to rehearse?" He asked. "Sorry, I already live with five idiot guys. Six might drive me crazy." I giggled. "It's fine. Maybe another time." He smiled. I nodded.

After a while, we finally got the first scene done. Yay! I drove home and of course the paparazzi were following me. Privacy? Please?

I unlocked the door. The house was completely quiet. There was a note.

Hey, love. Went to record the album. Stay safe. Be home at 7.


I sighed and went to my room. Thinking about Harry and I. Is there even a Harry and I?

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