Fame and Love -A Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda Jones, age 20, is a struggling actress and singer. She can't seem to pursue her career. Just when she is about to quit. She starts to date her old best friend, Harry Styles. Suddenly her career booms! But can she deal with all of the fame and hate? Or maybe, it's fame and love.


2. Celebrity Party

Chapter Two


Celebrity Party


After we finished eating I went up to shower. I got out. "Hey babe?" Taylor called for me. "Yes?" I asked. "Wanna go to the party tonight?" He asked me. I definitely needed to go out. "Yeah sure." I said to him. I went to my walking in closet to get a party dress. I picked out a gold sequined dress with black Louis Vuitton's. I curled my hair and put on minimal makeup. I then walked downstairs. "You look absolutely gorgeous." Taylor said kissing my cheek. "Thank you." I said. We made our way to the car. We all know that I needed my friend to take me to their place tonight. When Taylor gets drunk it's just too much for me to handle. He acts completely stupid. He just doesn't know his limit. I texted Harry.

"Hey Haz,

Are you going to the party tonight? ;) xx"

Harry was my best friend since before we could talk. He's always been there for me. When I had to movie to California from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England four years ago, I was devastated. I cried for a week straight. Harry was always very flirty with me, even though we never dated. But I like him. I mean who wouldn't. But I pushed my feelings aside because I'm with Taylor. I feel my phone buzz. I unlock it and view the text.

"Hey Jayda! ;)

Yes I'm going so you can crash at my place! :) xx"

Harry was the best.

"Thanks, Hazza. I owe you one. (: "

"Don't mention it, love. xx"

I smiled and put my phone in my bra. Taylor and I arrived at the lake house and there were paparazzi everywhere. "Taylor do you really love Jayda?" I could see Taylor's anger. His fists were clenched. I put my small hand over his fist. "Baby, don't worry. Calm down." I told him. He nodded and loosened up. We entered the party. I could sense alcohol and sweat bodies grinding immediately. Taylor and I walked in. I drink at parties but I know my limit. I usually don't go over five. "Wanna dance?" Taylor asked me. "Sure." I shrugged. We made our way to the dance floor. Taylor put his hands on my hips while I danced on him. "I'm going to get us drinks. Be back in a few." I said to Taylor.

I left to get the drinks. "Two White Russians please." I told the lady. She handed me the drinks. I turned to walk to Taylor. He wasn't only grinding with another girl but he reached down to KISS her! "What the?.." I mumbled to myself. I could feel the anger building up inside me. I walked over and poured my drink on him. "JERK" I shouted at him. He pulled my arm. "Baby wait." He said. I pulled my arm away from him. "Don't touch me." I said while running outside. I sat at the edge of the dock. I texted Harry.

"Hey Haz ):

Where are you? I kinda need a friend right now.." I sent the message. Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder. "I'm right here." The familiar voice said. I wiped my tears and turned around to hug him. "Hazza!" I said. I pulled away. "What's happened? Harry said observing me,"Why are you crying?" I sniffled. "I'm not." I said. "Jayda." Another tear fell. "Okay fine. Taylor was grinding with another girl. Then he- he kissed her." I said. Harry pulled me into a tight hug. "I've got you. It's okay." He spoke the soothing words while kissing my head. "Hey, we can have a movie night like old times, yeah?" I giggled. "Only if you have tacos." I said while wiping my tears. Harry looked flabbergasted. "Well duh!" He said. I laughed and held his hand. "Let's get out of here." He said. We walked to his car.

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