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Hermione has recently been getting anonymous love letters from someone. She is so desperate to find out. Will the man who is sending them be the man she suspected? Or will she reject him and carry on with her abnormal magic life? Everything and Everyone will be revealed at the Valentines Annual Ball, held, of course, at Hogwarts.


2. The 'Secret' Messenger

Hermione's POV

It was a beautiful day. After going to the library and getting a couple of other books out I decided to go quietly read near the Black lake.

So much was going through my mind right now.

Secret admirers?

I love you?

Forever love?

It just doesn't make sense to me.

Who would like to go out with a filthy mud blood like me?

'Gosh, I'm starting to sound like Malfoy' I mumbled under my breath.

'Speak of the devil' I heard a familiar voice.

It was none other than THE Draco Malfoy.

'What do you want Malfoy?' I snapped.

'Nothing Granger. I have a message for you.' He said handing the note to me.

'The boy who likes you, unfortunately wants me to be your "secret" messenger' he said, putting up hand quotations when he said secret.

I read the note:

Dear Hermione,

You looked nice at the library :)

I was thinking, since the ball is coming up would you like to be my date.

I will reveal myself than if you go with me.

~ Love Anonynous

P.S: you're mine.

Oh god.


End of chapter.

Comment what you think :)

Sorry it's short :(



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