~From Anonymous

Hermione has recently been getting anonymous love letters from someone. She is so desperate to find out. Will the man who is sending them be the man she suspected? Or will she reject him and carry on with her abnormal magic life? Everything and Everyone will be revealed at the Valentines Annual Ball, held, of course, at Hogwarts.


4. Next Note

Unknown POV:

Oh gosh she is gorgeous. Hermione is so amazing. The way she walks and talks, the way she moves. She's just perfect.

I don't know if I should reveal who I am yet. Hmmm well I don't even know if she'll like me or not. Anyways, I still have a chance.

I saw an owl swooping down into my dormitory.

It was Hermione's owl. She had replied to my letter!!!

To whom this is,

It would be a pleasure to go with you to the ball.

It's next week, which is soon.

Go to 'The Room Of Requirement' and we shall meet there.

Love, Hermione

Wow! I was literally jumping with joy!

I can't believe a girl like Hermione would want to go with me!

The Brightest Witch Of Her Age!

The Ex-Death-Eater!

I don't know how this is going to work out.


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