I cant try

Your bad for me can't you understand that I know bu-no save it your poison your my weakness your my darkness


1. me

Hello I'm lexi average 17 year old I moved to Cheshire Holmes chapel with my.... Well by myself I'm a A-B girl and I don't really party I read books and study I'm not one if those people who do crazy things but sometimes I brake from my shell!!! Well I moved to Holmes chapel to get away from my past and I guess my family I'm not one that has a lot of friends so ya..... Well I have long brown hair and brown eyes boring but hey I don't care I need to go get some stuff for my new house and i need to see my surrounding holy shit I'm also starting school tomorrow

I through in some red skinny jeans and a black v neck shirt with black toms I put my hair in a pony tail and decide to just put mascara on and wear my stupid need glasses instead of contacts I grab my phone and decide I'm gonna take my black hummer I got for my 16 birthday and leave I was driving around and saw a target and sears next to it so I'll just get some close at sears then walk to target I park my car and lock it before I keep walking sears is huge I go straight to the tops I like the styles of these shirts but I would never wear them there cropped well I guess I should give them a try so I pick one that says ME and is white with the letters in black I got a cropped sweater that was all black and then got 2 v necks with some light blue skinny jeans and some black skinny jeans I also got a floral skirt with a white tank top that will go with it there so cute I go to the under wear I'll and feel a little awkward cuz it's lace I feel brave and get a black lace bra and underwear witch I will never wear and go pay I walk out wit the bags and head for my car to place them in that was quick I turn my back to the car and walk to target it was as equally as big as sears I takes me about a hour to get all the stuff I need for my house the sun has went down and that means I should leave I fill the car up with 4 big bags from target and 2 from sears I get to my car but before I open the door 5 shadows are walking towards me I can't moe until I hear a chuckle and I hop in the car and lock the door they walk by the car and I see a small blonde guy a guy with light brown eyes , a guy with a black quiff , a guy with crystal blue eyes and last but not least a tall guy with dark curls and piercing green eyes he notices my stare and smirks that's when I drive off I get all the things in my house and unload them it's 9:00 so I decide I'm gonna shower so I strip down and jump in my mind keeps going back to that guy he looked so so...... Dark

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