You Cant Love Me

I grew up on my own my family went missing. I was forced to kill people to get them back. I'm Layne Ann Desiroux and this is my story.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up still in a chair, tied down to it. I looked around taking in my surroundings. I couldn't focus very well considering I just woke up. I heard people outside the door. I listened closer trying to figure out what they were saying. All I heard was someone say

"If she doesn't talk it's prison time for her."

I heard others jump into the argument, but I zoned out. I need to get out of here before they ask questions. I struggled against the tape and rope. My hands started sweating as I heard footsteps get closer. I wiggled my arms a bit and one hand got loose. I sighed taking out my other hand. I had to get out but the only way was the front door. I cursed under my breath and threw myself back into the chair, closing my eyes making sure no one will notice I'm untied. I heard the door swing open along with them screaming at each other. I cracked open my eyes to see all of them staring at me. I decided I was going to play with them a bit.

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