You Cant Love Me

I grew up on my own my family went missing. I was forced to kill people to get them back. I'm Layne Ann Desiroux and this is my story.


2. Chapter 2

It's been 5 years since I made that deal. I was just going down the list, as I was told to do. It was a cold night, I had a target lined up when 5 boys blocked my shot. I glared at them until the moved, in exactly 5 seconds my target will be walking out of that bar. I counted down 5-4-3-2-1. I put my crosses on the man's heart and pulled the trigger. I packed up my gear, jumping down from the building. I drug the body to a near by alley, pouring alcohol on the body to mask the scent of burning flesh. I poured alcohol on the little blood splatters, before I could run I felt someone grab me, and throw me in a truck. I felt the truck stop, I was thrown over somebody's shoulder. Once we got into a room, I'm guessing it was. I was thrown down into a chair, I whimpered as the blindfold was ripped off of me while someone else tied my hands and feet.

I laughed at them, as they continued to tie me up. They all just stared at me, then it hit me they were the ones to block my shot.

" What's your name?"The one with light brown hair and blueish eyes asked me.

"I though you knew considering you kidnapped me." I replied sarcastically.

They all just rolled their eyes leaving the room.

"Ah tired already!" I yelled smirking afterwards. I heard the door slam indicating I'm Alone.

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