Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


40. yo ass fall off.

"W-what? No he didn't. He couldn't have!! MATT TELL ME THIS IS A JOKE!" I yelled/cried jumping off his back. He shook his head, "I wish it was maggie. I really do. C'mon. Let's go get down food." I got into the jeep sitting in the back this time. I got a text from Shane.

From, shanerzzzz😂

Hey magzter! My car ain't here. And ain't no fucking way a duck took it. Why do I leave my keys in my car?

I texted back.

To, shanerzzzz😂

No a duck didn't take it. A super hot bakini model did. And she isn't giving it back until late tonight.

I turned off my phone and listened to the music. The song 'happy' came on. I hate this song, but at the same time I want to throw my shoes off and dance. I started singing to the words I knew. The artist messed up a few times. We arrived at this placed called 'sea food'. Good name right? "Maggie c'mon. Get on my back. Your probably tired." So I jumped on matts back. We went inside. Demi's mom went to go sit with some friends. Demi, Nash, and grace walked inside. "Hey bro! Come sit over here!" Matt said. I shook my head and literally yelled no. Demi looked hurt. Grace didn't show emotion. Nash.. Well Nash's face was blank... As always. Matt nodded at me. Nash sat on my right and Matt on my left. 'Ladies and gentleman. Today were gonna play a game. Whoever the spotlight lands on has to come up here and sing. Sounds fun right?' "NOOOO!" Everybody in the restaurant yelled. Watch it land on me. They started flashing two lights. It landed on Demi's mom and this random dude. They sang 'rock me mama'. The dude was good. Demi's mom was... Umm... HORRIBLE!! They started flashing the lights again. It landed on Nash and... Me. Shit. I CANT FUCKING SING!! Oh well. Nash grabbed my hand and we rushed up to the stage. "Don't touch me." I murmured under my breath. He heard me, but he didn't let go. We got onto the stage and all eyes were on us. Nash finally let go of my hand. They started playing 'royals' by Lorde. Nash wasn't that good. And I wasn't either. So when the song went I rule I rule u rule I rule are voices cracked. It was to high. When we finished they actually clapped for us. Louder than they did for Demi mom and that dude. And that dude was good. I went and sat back down. Matt recorded it. "Let me watch!" I said excitedly. Nash leaned over so he could to. Matt played the video. 'And every songs like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin in the bathroom' Nash went. Oh. Nevermind. I guess he's good. Then it was my turn. My voice was a little pitchy but u guess it was as good as Nash's. 'Hold up. Grab the wall. Wiggle like u tryna make yo ass fall off' came on. I didn't know the name of it. But it was my jam. I got yo outta my seat and strted dancing. Well... TRIED to dance. People were recording me. This black kid (not to be resist) came up to me and started dancing with me. It was hilarious because we both couldn't dance. Matt was laughing his ass off. The song ended and we went home. Demi's mom brought her home. Nash was riding with us. So it was me, matthew, and Nash. Great. Even though I was 14 I knew how to drive. But if we got pulled over I would be arrested. So I let Nash drive. I sat in the back. -----skip car ride------ we got home and I went inside. They were playing just dance. Casper wa doing this danc move that was so weird. It was not wen funny. Oh who am I kidding? It was fucking hilarious. They didn't notice we were here. So I snuck up on kian... 1. 2. 3. "BOO!!" I yelled as loud as I could. I swear he jumped a mile in the air. Okay imma bout to die from laughing


Should I make a sequel? No that doesn't mean I'm ending this story now. -maggie.

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