Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


21. way to much.

They finally got Nash off of sam. Liam did the most work. Because he is REALLY strong. I mean, look at those muscles. There freaking huge. Nash came over to me. His lip was cut and he had a black eye. "Nash are u okay?" I ask trying not to take down that pottorff kid right now. He nodded. He picked me up and placed me on his back. "Maggie, I need u to know that I will never. Ever. Hurt you. I love you." He said making me cry..... Again. I didn't answer I just put my head on his neck while he carried me back to the hotel. Me, Nash, Hayes, Matt, shawn, and Taylor all shared a room together. I grabbed my suitcase from the lobby and headed upstairs. We were on the top floor again. I FUCKING HATE HEIGHTS!!! We reached our room. ZAYUUM!! This place is huge. It was one room. But it was fucking huge. It had three beds. A couch. Kitchen area. And two bathrooms. Everybody got in the floor. We were gonna sleep there tonight. The o2l boys were doing there DIGI tour tomorrow and one direction was having a meet and greet right after there concert. I'm gonna Tay here with the magcon boys. My parents are probably going to do dome stuff and there room if ya know what I mean. 😘❤️. "Shawn sing for me. I love ur voice." Said Taylor in a girly voice. He nodded. He sang give me love, the way, and midnight memories. "Shawn ur soo good. Where did u get ur voice from?" I asked fangirling "umm.. I honestly don't know. Ma parents are horrible singers. Ma while family is horrible." He answered. Then I heard moaning. "Ma mom better not be doing anything she shouldn't be."I said. I whispered something into Hayes's ear. We got up and went to there door. He got his mega phone out. "HELLO. SIR. MAAM. WEVE HAD SOME NOISE COMPLAINTS. SO STOP FUCKING!!" Hayes yelled through the mega phone. Thy came out and two robes. "Sry it's or honeymo- wait. MAGGIE!!" Dad yelled. I turned around and saw Kian filming. We all busted out laughing. We went back to our rooms. "That is soo going on YouTube." Matt said almost dying of laughter. "LETS WATCH A MOVIE!" I yelled. They nodded. We were going to watch white chicks. I sat on Nash's lap. ( I swear if ur thinking if something else it's not like that. Ya nasty perverts. ) I was going to go kiss Nash. I turned around and kissed him. "Uhh... Maggie.." Hayes said nervously. I have no idea why though. I stopped kissing Nash and turned towards Hayes. I raised my eyebrows as to ask what. "I didn't kiss Nash. U kissed Shawn." I turned round and saw a pissed Nash and a nervous looking Shawn. Oops?! "MAGGIE. WAT THE HELL WAS THAT. DID U NOT WANT US TO BE TOGETHER. U COULDVE JUST TOLD ME!!" He grabbed all his things and left the room. Seconds later kian came in with his stuff. "Did u hear what happened?" Matt asked. "I heard Nash screaming from ma room." Kian answered. I went over to a bed. I started crying. My bed slouched down. Somebody was on it. They removed my hands from ma eyes. "Maggie everything is gonna be alright." It was Shawn. "No it's not. I fucked up badly. I didn't mean to kiss u. I was going for Nash. It was dark and I didn't know it was you." I said trying not to cry. I put my head in his chest. I looked up and he had tears in his eyes. Nash came in. "Maggie lo- I KNEW IT. I KNEW U LIKES HIM. THATS WHY UR CUDDLING WITH HIM." He came charging at Shawn and I. Liam got to him first. "Nash it's not what it looks li-" "save it maggie. I don't want to hear ur shit." He said. THE PERSON WHO SAID THEY WOULDNT HURT ME LIKE AN HOUR AGO. "Fine. I was crying in hi arms because he was there for me. I guess you really didn't mean what u said. I HATE U. GET OUT OF MA DAMN ROOM. I CANT BELIVE I TRUSTED U!!" I was basically on the ground throwing a tantrum. Shawn came over to me. "Nash I was just comforting her because u weren't there. I suck. Get of our lives. I never want to see u again and I'm sure as hell maggie don't either!!" He said with so much confidence. Nash started crying and left the room. I went to bed and cried my self to sleep. Do much has happened in such little time.


Sry it was late. But this one is pretty long. I've been writing other books that I havnt posted yet. -maggie

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