Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


35. vidcon

I woke up with a jolt. So I looked up and I saw troye asleep on Tyler's shoulder. I got off of them and took a picture. AWEEE!! This is so Fucking adorable. "Hey. How many hours till we reach Orlando?" I asked to nobody in specific. "Hour in a half." I heard a couple of people answer. Tyler was on his phone. "Tyler. DO U LIKE TROYE!" I screamed are bing stares from other youtubers. Oh yea. There's other youtubers. I new to meet them. "Uhh... Kinda..." He said turning red. Shane Dawson came up to us. "TYLER HAS A CRUSHIE WUSHIE!!" He screamed waking Troye. I put my hand on Shane's hair and started petting him, "hi I'm maggie and your my new puppy." He laughed. Then barked. Damn. These people are weird. "Good boy." I went over to the little kitchen area. There were a lot of people eating. Typical youtubers. "GUYS. DONT EAT ALL OF THE FOOD. I NEED SOME FOR MY SKINNY BODY!!" I screamed. THATSOJACK came up to me. Then rubbed my arm. "Sweetie. Ain't no youtubers gonna stop eating. But here's a banana for a skinny girl." He said handing me a banana. I glares at him. "Watch ur back, jack." Kian came up to me. But before he could speak the intercoms thingy and on. "Hello lovelies. This is your pilot speaking. We will be landing in just a few moments. Please take a seat." I right then sat down on the ground. I'm fine with planes.. It just when it starts to land I get freaked out. We finally landed and I ran off. "THANK GOD FOR FUCKING GROUND!" Okay that sounded like his fucked the ground. That's not what I meant. I saw casper lee come off with my suitcase in his hands. Nash was talking to someone on the phone. But he looked very worried so I ran over to him. I tried not to interior him. So I mouthed, 'who is it?' He mouthed back, 'Demi.' Shit she's probably whining about her baby. Telling Nash to come home and take care of it. Wait. Isn't Demi like 14? OHH RAPE. R-A-P-E RAPE IS A FELONY. Well I didn't exactly know her age. Or if I did, I forgot. Nash ended the call. "What was that about?" Was my FIRST question. "Well... She's here in Orlando an the baby is due in 2 weeks. She wants me to come and help here out because the baby could come out any minute." He said. I can tell he really doesn't like her. "U arnt gonna go. Are u?" He shook his shoulders maybe. I rolled my eyes and went to Casper. "GIVE ME MY FUCKING SUITCASE!!" I yelled. He looked a taken back. I didn't want to make fun of him. BUT NASH IS MAKING ME MAD AS HELL!! I still have feelings for him. BUT NO. HE HAS TO GO AND CRAWL BACK TO DEMI!!


Okay so.. She's reached Orlando. DO U THINK MAGGIES GONNA BREAK UP WITH SHAWN AND GO TO SOMEONE ELSE? I thought shawnie was forever. 😪 -maggie

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