Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


31. TELL ME!!

"I can't keep telling her I'm her mom. I'm not even related to her. Nobody is. Why were we doing this in the first place?" I heard my mom ask through the door. I couldn't take it anymore. I swung the door open and screamed at the top if my lungs, "WHAT THE HELL ARE U TALKING ABOUT? WHOS MY FAMILY? WHO ARE U? WHY WERE U LYING TO ME?" Don't cry maggie. Don't cry maggie. Don't cr- to late. Everybody came rushing in my parents room. Kian came over to me and hugged me. "GET AWAY FROM ME. U PROBABLY ARNT RELATED TO ME EITHER!!" I yelled causing Taylor to jump into carter. I would've laughed but I was to mad/sad. "Now just let me ex-" "EXPLAIN WHAT? THAT U LIED TO ME?" My mom- well whatever the crap her name was- looked down. I wanted to leave. But at te same time, I wanted answers. "Okay maggie I'm going to explain." Kian said. Matt stepped up. "Kian..... Man.. Dude.. Umm... Let me explain." He was nervous and I was scared. What was he going to say. He just stood there staring directly into my eyes. "WELL SPIT IT OUT ESPINOSA!!" I yelled, causing him to cry. I'm not meaning to be mean. But I want answers and if I don't get them... Let's just say... Not everybody will be leaving this room alive. "MATT IF U ARNT GONNA TELL ME. LET SOMEBODY ELSE!!" I screamed. "Okay. I will. Well it all started......"



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