Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.



They all bursts out laughing. What? I did get to talk to THE Miley Cyrus. Ricky came over to me, "that was a joke. It wasn't really Miley." I did what I had to do. I pulled down his pants. And saw....... SUPERMAN UNDERPANTS.!! We all bursted out laughing. "GUH. Why da hell u wearin' supah man undies." Andrea said TRYING to be ghetto. U don't really know ghetto until u see it. And that was not it. I went back inside. I didn't think of Shawn until now. GODDDD HELP ME NOW! I'm bored. Matt came running in. "Maggie... Nash went to Demi's place." With that I ran outside. Matt came after me. I got into somebody's jeep. The keys were still in it. Probably Shane. "Where do they live?" I asked Matt. He told me where Demi lives and we were off. We arrived at our destination. That sounds weird. I walked straight up to the door. I Sartre pounding on it. "NASH IF U DONT OPEN THIS GOD DAMN DOOR I SWEAR YOU WI- hello." Demi's mom answered the door. "Sorry miss Demi's mom. But did u know that your daughter is pregnant? And she's with the baby daddy right now?" I asked the completely shocked mom. "MY DAUGHTER IS WHAT? SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING OUT WITH SOME FRIENDS!!" She yelled not meaning to. He covered her mouth. "Sor-" "it's fine. But her 'baby daddy' used to be my boyfriend but he got her pregnant while we were dating. Here come with me. I pulled her to the jeep. "Matt get in the back." I said. He was hesitant at first but he got back there. "Okay. Soo... Where could they be?" Her mom asked at once. Me and Matt shrugged our shoulders. I decided to text Nash.

To Nash: hey nashie. Umm... Where are u? I need to tell you something REALLY important. But it ha to be face-to-face.

Right after I sent it I got a message from Demi.

From, THE BAE!!: were at the beach.

I really need to change her name. I got out if my car and ran. There was traffic and it wasn't that far. I saw them sitting close to the bay. "NASH DEMI IM HERE!" I yelled running over to them. Oops wrong couple... I walked over to where I KNEW they were.


Hey if u want I kik me. DO IT!! @maggie_conn. Without the period. -maggie

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