Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


5. Starbucks and hate.

"Who's car are we taking?" I asked because I couldn't drive. They all looked at me in a confused way. "There is a star bucks in the hotel." Connor said. Well I feel like a complete idiot. We went into Starbucks and sat to the left. "I'm gonna go order what do y'all want?" Taylor asked. "Coffee." Almost everybody said. After e left I got onto my phone. It was blown up with comments on YouTube. So I went to go check it out.

"Ur a slut. Just go die in a hole."

"Bitch, they only like I bc u got an ass."

There were a whole lot more but I wasn't gonna read them. If I did I would be screaming my head off. Taylor just got back with our coffee and hit coco. "Th-" excuse me!!!" Said a girl about the same age as me. "Why r u hanging out with them? ur using them bitch. Get the hell out of here!!!!" nope. She did not just say that. Oh I was leaving but not before- I got up, punched her on the ground, and ran to my room. I took the stairs so It would be shorter. But it's a lot of stairs for a girl like me. I finally got to my floor. I saw the elavater opening and Matt, Taylor, Nash and jack g came out. They saw me so I strted running to my room. Too late. Matt I holding me bridle style. Woah! I didn't know he was that hawt!!! an strong. He carried me next door to their room. The rest of the boys left so it was just me and Matt. Brent walked in. "U alright?" Brent asked. What does it look like? "Do I look alright?" I asked. He just sated quiet and got on the right of me since Matt was on the left. "Maggie, u could of told us u were getting hate. We would have done a live stream and said something." Matt said. Awhh! why does he have to be so cute. "I'm sry.... I just don't know how to handle things. I'm only 14" they nodded and the rest of the boys walked in with the girl that I punched down stairs. "Maggie she's trying to say sry." Kian said rushing over to me. He's overprotective that's so cute. She looked down and started talking. "Lu just wanted to say.... U R A FUCKING SLUT!!" Yea she say that but she shouldn't have. Kian walked right up to her and punched her in the face. He did it over and over again. Until Nash and Ricky had to pull him back. The girl left and we just strted talking. At some point Trevor and Shawn strted singing. "Maggie, sing this with me!!" Trevor said. "What song?" I asked. "Stay." Shawn said. Shawn started strumming the guitar. I started out.----- "MAGGIE WHY DIDNT U SAY U COULD SING THAT GOOD?" Jack h said getting all up in my face. "I didn't know I sang good." I said completely honest. "Shouldn't we go to sleep? It's like midnight!!" Aaron and Hayes say at the same time. I looked at the time and it was 10:56. "It's not midnight dumb asses!!" I said even tho I was tired too. They have to go back to magcon tmr. I don't think I'm gonna go tmr bc I need answers. I needed to talk to mrs. Lawl-mom about my dad. My dad lives down here. Why did my step mom leave him. Why did she take me when she doesn't like me? Oh well... I'll get answers soon. I went over to where Brent, Matt, Nash, Sam, and Trevor were. I laid on Nash. He was in the middle. Well now we are both in the middle. "Maggie? What r u doing?" Nash asked me. I didn't answer. I fell asleep.


There's like nobody reading this.... Could u get more people? I update a lot!! It's okay if u don't want to. I'm not thirsty for more reads. I don't think I am anyway... -maggie

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