Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


26. school

"So your finally awake!!" Shawn said looking at me. "Yea. What time Is it?" I said looking for ma phone. I found it and looked at the time. I had to check It twice because I wasn't paying attention the First time. It was 7:06. Just enough time to get to school. It starts at eight. I ran to the shower and took it real quick. (I'm not explaining ma showers u perverts!!) I got out, put on a black crop top with light pink skinny jeans. I grabbed ma black hightops. I couldn't find ma phone. "Looking for something?" Shawn asked. "THANKS!!" Were not in the same grade. I'm in eighth. He's in ninth. I ran downstairs grabbing a banana. "HEY MAGGIE U READY TO GO?!??" Taylor and Nash yell running at me. I duck. I nod and Shawn coming down stairs. "Were walking!!" Trevor said. "UGH!" We all yelled in unison. Somebody picked me up. I turned around and saw Shawn. He carried me all the way to school. "Baabe!! U have to let me go sometime!!" I whined. He let me down. "Give me a kiss!!" He whined back. I kissed his cheek. I tried running away but he pulled my hand. He pointed to his lips I kissed his lips. Then ran off. Some people were staring at me. "WHY YALL STARING AT ME? IT NOT MA FAULT U DONT GOT NONE OF THIS." I pointed at ma self. Some people started laughing. Some people looked offended. Okay... Is it just me or... Am I the only one that thinks I'm gonna be a badass at this school? Oh who gives a damn. NOT ME! That's who. I had math first. Trevor, carter, and Aaron were in it with me. There was a slut with a football player ( I could tell because I could see his abs through his shirt ) I didn't know there were actual sluts at school. She better not bother me. I went to the back if the room with trevy. The slut looks at me and started gossiping with her 'boyfriend'. She turned around to me and started giggling. My math teacher started writing down stuff on the board. The slut kept talking about me. I knew because she was looking at me every time she said something. She turned around one last time and said something. "Hey umm.... Idk who u are... But u look like a slut because ur hanging with the hotty Trevor. And ur wearing a crop top that shows ur belly. Soo yea. Stay away from ma boyfriend. And just fuck off." Only above a whisper. I was going to reply. He ain't gonna walk all over me like that and expect I'm not gonna say anything. "Umm excuse me. But. I havnt lost ma virginity. And u probably have a different boyfriend every week- day. Trevor is ma friend. If u say anything else bout me u gonna get slapped." YAYY I HAD CONFIDENCE!! "Who do u think u are walking all over me like that?" She talked to me. Really? I got up and went to her seat. "U asked for it." I slapped he right across the face. The teacher was filming us. YAYY FUN TEACHER. she was taken aback. She didn't think I would do it. "BITCH!!" She came running after me so I put my hand on her head. And in the other hand I was tweeting on ma phone.


Hey guys! Wats up? Anyway there's a bïtçh trying to take me down. But she could t do it if I was te slowest person in earth lol.😜

I had a picture of her trying to punch me. I let her go and moved. She ran straight into the wall. "HHAHAHAAAA!!" Everybody laughed. Wen her 'boyfriend'. Matt was on the floor crying because he was laughing so hard. The bell rang. •skip next three classes• TIME FOR LUNCH!! Woop whoop!! I ran to the cafeteria. I saw Matt and cam sitting by the slut and her 'friends'. I walked over to them, grabbed them by the ears, and dragged them to an empty table. "WHAT THE HELL!" We all yelled at the same time to exh other. Shawn came running over. "Maggie. I wouldn't mess with them. U don't know what they can do. There dad is the principal." He said lastly. Uhh what. "U KNOW WHAT?" All eyes were on me. U continued, "I don't give a fuck. If she wants to go tattle tale to her dad. Fine. BITCH. SLUT. WHORE. WAS ALL IVE BEEN CALLED SINCE I MET YALL. I LOVE YALL TO DEATH. BUT EVER SINCE I MET U THERE WAS SO MUCH DRAMA. AND SHE ISNT GONNA MAS THINGS UP MORE!!" I yelled. Wait. Hehe. Wut? Wait did I just blame them? EVERYTHING IS SO COMPLICATED!! I ran over to Shawn and cried in his arms. I'm not asps tie. I hate crying. The slut actually looked sad and worried. Wow. Srsly?


Good? Idk. I'm awkward. But I made this really long. Cause I'm trying to write another story but I want to do as much on this book as I can. -maggie.

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