Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


8. proposal?

I saw that girl I met in the elevator. And found out her name is Demi. She has beautiful brown hair with blonde tips. "C'mon!! Let's go get a pic with Matt!!" She practically whined in my face. Yup we are like best friends now. We headed off in the direction Matt was. There was like 5 people in his line. I thought there would be a lot of girls. Guess not. It was Demi's turn so she went up to him. It was not aloud but he kissed her cheek. Does he like her? Oh well I'll found out sooner or later. After she took her pic it was my turn. We did duck faces. Demi looked upset. Damn!! I guess she really does like him. Oh well I'm not into him.. I think. I'm into brent? Nash and Trevor. Well I'm into all these boys. "Hey Demi. Were going out to eat tonight. Want to come with?" I asked her. "DUH!!" She screamed. I went to go get all of the other boys and we left outside. It was just down the street so we walked. "SAMM! I'm to tired!! Carry me?" I complained. He nodded. I jumped on his back. We all started having a contest. Whoever gets there first gets free food the last person has to pay for it. Sam strted running. Dang it!! We were 2. Nash was first. Sam let me down and I ran inside. I guess it is reserved for us. Because there was like nobody here. Yup. I saw mom and dad in chairs. All the tables were gabbled into one. Nope Idk what gabbled means but I said-thought it. Anyway we got in and sat down. I was sitting by sam and Demi. On the other side of Demi was Matt. Some music started playing. I grabbed sam an pulled him I the floor. This restaurant is awesome. Soon Matt and Demi came followed by everybody else. My mom and dad strted dancing together too. "May I take this lady off your hands?" Kian asked sam. "Yes u may." Kian grabbed my hands and spun me around. "So why r mom and dad so close?" He asked. "I thought u knew!! Dad is going to ask mom to marry her again." I said surprisingly. He didn't looked that shocked. We kept dancing until grin on me came on. Everybody stood there awkwardly to ares to do it on front if everybody. I got in the middle of the floor and started doing it. That sounded wrong. I was the only one who did it. Everybody was just watching me. I know. OMG ur a girl I can't do that!! I did. After grind in me marry me by. Jason dulero came on. He's about to ask. Dad went on stage and started singing. When the song was over he got on one knee. Me and kian were filming it. "Look. I know u hate me because I left, but I still love u!! It okay if u say no but, WILL U MARRY ME??!!!?!" He yelled the last part and strted sweating. Mom went on stage. "YES!!" She yelled an ran over to him. They kissed that was the perfect moment. Suddenly I was pulled into a kiss. I opened my yea and it was sam. I kissed back because.... ya know...

I like him.


Okay yea so she has a new friend. So does anybody want to be Kian's girlfriend? No hate on Andrea I love her but it's just a story. If u do just comment name and hair color. -maggie

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