Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


18. oh hey!!

We reached ma parents house again and went inside. "I thought y'all would take longer!!" Matt whined. "I THOUGHT U LOVED ME BITCH. JK JK LOVE YA. my stuff was already in ma suitcase cause I didn't unpack." They all nodded. Right now it's 6:56. Were leaving around 7:30. "Shouldn't we leave? We have to be on te plane by 7:30. And we have to go through all the security and crap." I said. Mom gave me a stern look. Why? I have no idea. "Skylyn is right here she said pointing to Nash. Skylyne was in his lap. Awhh :). "But yea c'mon its time to go." Ma dad said grabbing his suitcase. I got Skylyn from Nash, while he carried my bags. -----skip car ride and on the plane----- "THIS PLANE IS SO HUGE. WHY DIDNT U TELL ME IT WAS A PRIVATE JET?" I screamed. "BECAUSE U WOULDVE DONE THAT!!" Brent yelled back. I went over to te couch in the plane. It was so comfy. U closed ma eyes. Someone walked in and was talking to Aaron. "Who is dat?" I asked with ma eyes still closed. "Open yo eyes NIGGAH!!" I recognized that voice. I SAW LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON STANDING IN FRONT OF ME. he busted up laughing. Dammit. I need to stop saying shit outloud. "I see ur a fan." Niall said. "I see ur cuter in person." I said not meaning to. He just laughed. Louis started walking then niall bytes out laughing. "OH... LOUIS.." He said between laughs. Harry tried mocking Louis by walking the way Louis did. "Mate, no. Stop. Please." Niall pleaded. I started laughing my ass off. Hayes came over too me. "Umm... You have problems." He said witch made me laugh harder. "I-I-I k-know." I said in between laughs. "YALL WANNA SING FOR ME? SING THE BEST SONG EVER." I screamed at one direction. Shawn was gonna join them. They literally sang the best song ever. They sang lip gloss. Then they started singing baby got back. "Woah. I DDNT know the 1d would sing those songs. Y'all look so cute and sweet but in real life BOOM!! Y'all went bad... YASSS 1D YASSS!!" Obviously Ricky said. I strayed getting tired. I didn't now I was this tired I fell back into somebody's arms. They put me on the couch. And went to chit chattering.


Yup...... YASS GAGA YASS. I CALL THE MAGCON, o2l, and the one direction boys. SO HAHA ON YOU. MATTHEW SAYS UR A POOPY HEAD!! -maggie

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