Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.



"Well it all started.... Well umm... That woman you've been living with for most of your life... Who you thought was your mom.. Was my 'maid' thingy. Anyway.. One day she was at the park an she found u as a baby, on a bench all alone. So she brought u home. My mom fired her because she brought a baby home. My maid, was like my second mom. My mom was never home. So yea.. She moved and brought u with an raised u as her own kid." Matt said crying. He didn't explain everything. Wait. Then who is my real family? Why did Kian's family pretend to be mine instead of Matt? SO MANY THOUGHTS!! My 'mom and dad' were crying. Idk why. "Why did Kian's family pretend to be mine? When ur the one who is most related to me?" I asked. I'm gonna get answers an I'm gonna get them now. "Because I couldn't handle u when my mom isn't here. Even though we really arnt related." Okay that answered that. "WHEN CAN I MEET MY FAMILY?" I screamed, witch I only ment to in my head. "Umm... There dead." Sam said. "All of u knew?" I asked. They all nodded. I NEED TO GET OUT OF DRAMA!! "I'm going to the beach. " I said. They looked confused but went with it. I ran to my room and put my dark red bikini on. I think they are coming to. I came out if my room. Shawn was waiting for me outside of my room. I jumped on his back. "You know your heavy for a small girl." Shawn said reaching the front door. "Am I suppose to be offended by that?" I asked jokingly. Shawn laughed and shook his head no. We were going to walk to the beach. But we had a little ways to go. "Hey Shawn. Imma go talk to Matt." I jumped off his back and didn't wait for I reply. I went over to Matt who was walking by skylynn. I picked her up. "Hey Matt. Umm... Are we related in anyhow?" I asked. "I dont think so." He said and I nodded. "Skylynn. How old are u." Nash said coming up next to me. Oh no. Not this again. "Five." Skylynn said messing with my hair. "No you not. Ur four." "IM FIVE." Skylynn was getting sassy. But it's so adorable when she does. I started laughing. Idk why tho. We finally reached the beach and I ran in. I'm not one of those girls who tans all day. I felt somebody pick me up. It was Shawn. "NO SHAWN. D-" to late I'm in the water. I saw an eel. It was pretty big. I got up from the water. "SHAWN RUN THERES IN EEL!!" I yelled. He started running. "U FORGOT SOMETHING!!" I yelled pointing to me. He ran and got me. The eel was right by my foot. "AAAAAAAH. RUN SHAWNIE!!" He ran as fast as he could in the water. He fell a couple of times witch made us all laugh.


I keep forgetting there not in a hotel. So who do u ship maggie with? -maggie

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