Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


11. new gf.

I went downstairs because it was getting boring by myself. I saw a red header girl beside kian on the couch. "Hey maggie!! This is my new gf grace." He said happily. Wow. She is really pretty. REALLY PRETTY!! "U wanna go play? I'm really bored!! GRACE U R GORGEOUS." She strted blushing. "Thx!! But could u not scream. I think u busted my eardrums. We could go .to the mall!" She said. I think she lives shopping. "SRY BUT I LOVE TO SCREAM!! Oops sry. Yea pet me go get my jacket." I said them ran upstairs. I saw Demi in matts room. She was on his lap. I took a picture. Even though I don't want them to be together doesn't mean I'm not gonna be happy for her. I went to my room and grabbed my black north vase jacket. Demi was coming out if matts room. "Hey me and... Kian's girlfriend are going to the mall. Want to come?" I asked Demi. Her face lit up like a lantern. "YESS!!" She screamed. Where's sam? Oh well I'll fine him later. We headed downstairs. "This is grace." I said gesturing Demi to grace. They hugged each other. ?? Am I missing something?? "MAGGIE!! This is my sister!!" They both screamed at the same time. Woah. Did not see that coming. They don't even look alike. I ran outside and saw kian there in his car. "U driving us?" I asked. He nodded. The girls came out and we got into his car. He turned the music up as loud as it would go. Me and grace sang the whole way there. Yup. She's my new best friend. Be jelous we finally arrived to the mall. "I'll pick y'all up around 7:30." He said. It was like 1:10 right now. This will be fun. We walked into the mall and went to hollisters first. We went to almost all the places in the mall. Lastly we were going into Victorias secret. There was a modeling show going on right now. Boys shouldn't be able to come on when that is happening. No. They shouldn't come in at all. PERVERTS!! Anyway we went to the back of the store since the modeling was on the front of the store. Boys gathered in. I grabbed a few strapless bras and some thongs. No I'm not a pervert. But like... Who's going to see? Exactly nobody. "Hey guys. I'm gonna go pay for these. Can y'all go look at the models and see if any of them are wearing a black lace see through bra?" Demi asked. What? I'm not even going to ask. Grace nodded. I wasn't rejecting it because I want to see what the models actually do. "THIS WAY!!" Grace yelled because obviously I was going the wrong way. Oops. We went to the front of Victoria's Secret. This girl walked on the stage but walked right back off. All he had on was a sea green bakini. Once she got off she went to a corner and started making out with a guy. Why am I watching this? Things started to get heated between them to. Why couldn't I look away? Wait, that guy looks familiar. "Grace I'll be right back." I said then walked over to the corner. Watch me not know this guy and get humiliated. Nope. I knew the dude alright. BECAUSE THE DUDE WAS MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND!! "WHAT TGE ACTUAL FUCK ARE U DOING?" I yelled causing all the attention on me. I really don't care right now. "He is obviously making out with me for my body. DUH!!" the girl said. I don't think sam noticed who I was. I looked him straight into the eye. Yep. He knows who I am now. When I feel pain I don't cry. I get really mad and take it out on somebody else. "Look maggie in so so-" "UR FUCKING DEAD, POTTORFF!!" I yelled. People were filming this and nobody was going to hold me back. I went y'all speed at him. He is getting it. He got knocke out and I got kicked out of the store. THIS IS NOT OVER YET. I probably have anger issues.


Yea sry I havnt been updating. I got a kian girl. YAYY!! Anyway this chapter is really long and I will be updating like 2 more chapters tonight? Yep. -maggie

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