Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


16. HAWII?

Nash put me down and went back to the room. I went over to ma parents. "Hey guys. Wats up?" I asked. They looked... Worried? "Umm... How would u feel about going to Hawaii with us for our honeymoon?" Mom asked quietly. Guess she's scared. "Mom don't be scared it's fine. HELLS YEA I WANT TO GO." My parents started to crack up. OMG they look so cute together. My stomach growled. "Dang gurl. U hungry?" Dad asked. I laughed and nodded. "Wanna bring me to mcdonalds." I said more as a command walking outside if the hotel. I called kian and asked of anybody wanted to go wif me. Nash, Matt, cam, and Trevor are coming. McDonald's is right next to the hotel. The boys were running down the lobby to hurry. I jumped on Trevor's back. "U are light, girl." He said. We reached mcdanolds "SINCE THERES NOBODY HERE LETS GET ON THE PLAYGROUND!!" Can telle as we walked in. "Okay." Everybody answered. I ran to the okay area and started climbing. Once I reached the top of a slide I slide down. I got stuck halfway through it. "LAST TIME I DID THIS I WAS SCARED SO I PEED AND THERE IS STILL STAINS!!" Matt yelled. Of course. I finally got out if the slide. A lady ran in. "HEY!" She continued, "YALL ARE LIKE FIFTEEN GET OUT OF THE PLAY AREA. YALL ARE DISTURBING LITTLE KIDS." She said pointing to me and Trevor, witch made the boys laugh. "IM FOURTEEN!!" I yelled. She backed up. "For a midget... U fiesty." She muttered. Mom guest urged us out the door. "haha. U AND TREVOR ARE KIDS BY HEART." Nash yelled. Trevor have him a look I didn't understand. We were going to ma parents house. "MA NIGGAH MY NIGGA." Matt said out if no where witch made me sart singing the song. They looked at me oddly but the guys joined in. Even ma dad. My mom started laughing and recording us. We reached ma parents house. We got on then I realized we didn't get food. I called in pizza. Yayy. Nobody knew I called it on though. We went upstairs to the guest bedroom. Ding dong. "Who is that?" Cam asked. "YO PIZZA!!" I yelled. "OMG MAGGIE THANKS!" Matt and Nash yelled running downstairs. "I ONLY DID THIS BC IM NOY PAYING." I yelled after them. The pizza man handed us our pizza. "Where ma change at, son?" Uhh don't be talking to me like that. While I'm a girl. "We don't got no money. We poor." I said started to fake cry. He stepped in the house. "Look. I don't do this job for fun. I need money. My tag says B.J. That is ma name and that means I gotta give it to me." He said sternly but continued, "unless u want to give me something else." He said checking out ma mom. My dad punched him and kicked him out. Well this has been a fun day. "The boys are coming over." Nashy says looking at his phone.


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