Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.



I woke up to a loud bang. I looked over and saw Nash had fallen off of the couch. HAHA. kian wasn't her because he was doing his tour concert thing. I saw Hayes awake. "Hey." I whispered trying not to scare him. He jumped. Nevermind I scared him. "Damn maggie." He whispered trying not to wake the others up. I went over to his bed. I think it looks like I want attention but I don't. I would love to stay in a room all day long just by myself. Only if it had ma phone, a charger, and a shelf full of books. "Hayes, do u think what Nash said.. Was he meaning it? Or was he just mad?" I said trying really hard not to cry. "He has his moments. Sometimes he just needs attention. He didn't use you though. It looked like he was really into u. But when he gets mad... He gets mad. Just five him a couple of days. Then he will say sorry. I know he will. I'm his brother. I know quite a lot if stuff that I shouldn't know about him." I laughed at his comment. "Come do a video with me on ma YouTube channel." He nodded following me. I set up ma camera and pressed record. "Hey guys what's up? It's maggie here. And today I'm just gonna fill u in on what ha happened." I talked to the camera for a bout 7-8 minutes. Telling about Nash and sam and how I met one direction. Hayes just stood there making faces at the camera. He looked so adorable. I heard someone yawning. I looked over and saw Shawn waking up. Awhh :) he looks so cute when he yawns. Like a little baby. He saw me looking at him. "LETS GO SWIMMING!!" I yelled grabbing my bikini and running into one of the bathrooms. It was a blue one with clouds all over it. I got jc a matching one. Why don't propel just call him justin? Oh well.... I grabbed a tanktop and put it over ma head while slipping in ma flip flops. "ILL GET YHE TOWELS!!" Taylor yelled. I went next door. "WERE GOING TO THE BEACH!!" I yelled that into ma parents and the other magcon boys room. I few seconds later I heard rustling and people coming out of rooms. Jack g came over to me. "Did some one say we were going to the beach?" Wow doe times he can be so stupid. I just walked away. I went to the balcony. There was a slide thingy that leftovers the bay. It was really cool. It was like 5 minutes long. I grabbed my phone and went down it. It was a water slide. But it was only wet on the bottom so ma phone wouldn't get wet. I got on Twitter. The usual hate. But something caught ma eye.

Magcon_boys_4ever: hanging with the best boyfriend in the world. I'm glad he dumped @imaggieconn__. That slut has issues.

It had a picture if them kissing in the pool down in the lobby. Bitch. (Sorry if that was ur twitter name.) the slide finally ended. I got off of the end and went to set my towel out. The rest of the boys just got off. Carter was on hi phone. Probably texting some girl. I jumped in the water when my parents yelled my name. They looked worried. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOOK WORRIED?????? "Sup?!" I asked. "Umm... Do u like it down here?" My mom asked. I nodded. "WHO IN THE HELL WOULDNT LIKE IT HEAR?" I yelled earing glares from people. But who gives a damn? "Shut up. Skylynn is over there. Anyways. We were thinking about moving down here...." My dad said trailing off. My eyes went Huge. I nodded really fast. "On one condition... U will have to go to school." My da said. Nope not happening. Oh come in maggie u know I would love it here I finally decided. "Yes. I will go to school. Who all is going to stay with us? Do we have our own beach house?" I asked. So many thoughts were racing through my head. "The magcon boys and o2l. We will buy our own beach house. Only down boys will be going to school with u because some are already out of highschool." My mom said. I nodded and ran back down to the ocean.


Did this really quick. I might be doing two more long chapters tonight. Or like four short chapters. -maggie

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