Okay! Well this is the story of me going to magcon in Nashville. If u don't know what that is it is where famous viners go to meet fans. But they r all boys. But this time jc brings all of o2l. What happens when I find out kian is my bro? Read to find out.


23. awkward much.

I noticed Nash wasn't here. Probably with his new girl friend. GOD!! I don't think I will ever be able to forgive him. I wonder what time school starts? No, I wonder what season it is? Lol I don't know I'm just dumb. I felt someone pick me up. I turn around and saw cam. He threw me into the water. I have to admit it did hurt ma back. But... I'll just play it cool. "CAM!! I'm gonna get u for this boy!! Oh and do u know what season it is? Or what month?" I asked sounding like a retard. E started laughing. "It's summer. July 30th. 2k14. Ring a bell?" He said sounding really weird. Did his voice change?

"Well... Mum not good with keeping up with dates. Anyway... When does school start?" He started laughing again. BOY. WHY THE HELL RE U LAUGHING? "Ur parents didn't tell u? School starts tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ur probably didn't know!! Haha." He said. HOLD UP. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. IM NOT READY. "GUYS ITS TIME TO GO BACK TO THE HOTEL. ITS GETTING DARK!!" Ma parents yelled. I jumped on somebody's back. It was matthew sherrill. Wait. What? I didn't know he was staying with us. I quickly got off of his back. "Sorry. I thought u were somebody else....." I said not really knowing what to say... "It's fine. U just noticed u was here today? Girl I saw u the first day u were here!!" He said all sassy like. I just laughed. I jumped back into his back. "U SHOULDNT HAVE TALKED TO ME OR I WOULDNT BE ON UR BACK. WHOO. PIGGY BACK RIDE!!" I love how I can be ma self around these boys. He carried me even though he was like... What? 12? 13? I'm 14. He must be strong. He carried me all the way to the hotel then dropped me in the lobby. "Race u upstairs!!" I yelled. At all the boys. They all headed for the stairs. Dumb asses. I took the elevator. The stairs would have been gone of we weren't on the top floor. I got off of the elevator and went to our hallway. I heard the boys. I hid behind a plant. They all started running down the hall. "BOOOOO!" I screamed. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" They all screamed back. "That elevator is hard work ya know" I said smirking. "Hey maggie. I have to go do something with the boys. I want u to stay here with Hayes, skylynn, and two of Hayes's friends." My mom said going back onto the elevator with the rest of the boys. I turned around and saw Hayes, skylynn, matthew sherrill, and Harris Barton. OMG THE HARRIS BARTON. I DONT CARE IF HE IS YOUNGER THAN ME HE IS FUCKING SEXY!! They all strted laughing. "I said that out loud didn't i?" They all nodded. Oops. I jumped on Harris's back. "We are friends now. And u can't do anything about it." He started smiling. How come I havnt seen him? We went into ma hotel room. Demi and grace came out if no where. I havnt been all ing go them lately. I don't know why though. "Hey about y'all go do ur manly things with skylynn, while I catch up wif ma besties!!" I said. They laughed at the manly part. Okay that sounded wrong. Grace and Demi sat down. "Have u been ignoring us?" Was the first thing that came out of graces mouth. "NOOO. I LOVE YALL TO DEATH. I've just been having a hard time cought up in drama with boys and crap. What's been up with y'all? Are all ignoring me?" I said. They glanced at each other. What was that? "Well... Hehe.. Haha.. Umm.. Ha who ha... Heha.." They both awkwardly laughed. They continued though by saying... "Well I'm we kinda...


Sry for the cliffhanger. I just think that will make y'all read more. Idk. I'm awkward. SO WHAT DO U THINK THERE GONNA SAY!! Keep reading to find out ma lovelies. -maggie

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