Written In These Pages

When someone says a piece of them is missing, they mean the heart. That lump of muscle that stimulates such a powerful chemical reaction is that final piece of a jigsaw. A piece that falls into place by itself.

Jigsaws are made of many pieces.

It takes a diary and the scrawling of one mysterious girl to place that final piece.


3. Out of the Blue

Hi Matt.

It’s Blue. This time around I’ll give you permission to laugh at my name without me slapping you.

None of us can actually believe this is happening. We read it on the news, we hear it on the radio. There’s seven billion of us on the planet so of all the threads of life the Fates had to choose, it had to be yours. Not mine.

It’s not fair.

Who’s homework can I copy now you selfish genius?

You’ve been in this coma for a few weeks now. At first I came and held your hand. It felt like it had been in the freezer overnight. In fact, you looked like and had the body heat of a vampire. Not Robert Pattinson attractive though.

I talked to you but the nurses kept coming over to tell me to shut up. They didn’t say that. Just gave me death stares. It took them a week to break me. I don’t know if you heard me. Maybe somewhere in there you heard the voice of an angel. I don’t know how deep you’ve retreated though but I know you’re in there. If I was ever in your situation, I imagine myself part of a fight to death. I would be on the good side, of course, fighting for freedom. Whatever is in there with you would be the shadow armies. Good always triumphs.

So I started this diary. It’s probably illegible so good luck reading. It will be a fun game for you when you wake up! Sherlock Holmes style.

These pages will be filled Matt. If I can write as much as I talk, there won’t be a blank page left.

Till next week.

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