Written In These Pages

When someone says a piece of them is missing, they mean the heart. That lump of muscle that stimulates such a powerful chemical reaction is that final piece of a jigsaw. A piece that falls into place by itself.

Jigsaws are made of many pieces.

It takes a diary and the scrawling of one mysterious girl to place that final piece.


6. Nose in a book

Matt was shaken awake. The diary had become a bedtime story. The nurse was wrapping a blood pressure band around his thin arm.

“Sensational reading?” she chuckled, indicating the book.

He picked it up again. Blue. He analysed the picture, wondering how he would ever figure out who was the mysterious face behind the voice. Found her. Pink spiky hair. A huge grin that showed teeth dotted with braces, extremely elegantly hanging off one of her friends.

He remembered this face in another room. Walking through the door with books.  More. He had seen her more but his head throbbed with the pressure.

Read. Read.

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