Written In These Pages

When someone says a piece of them is missing, they mean the heart. That lump of muscle that stimulates such a powerful chemical reaction is that final piece of a jigsaw. A piece that falls into place by itself.

Jigsaws are made of many pieces.

It takes a diary and the scrawling of one mysterious girl to place that final piece.


7. Keep fighting soldier

We became best buddies and we started to notice we actually shared some classes. That discovery made us far, far too excited. Year elevens acting like year fives. The headmaster told me off for running down the corridor after you. Hmm. “No year sevens running in the corridors.” You laughed. Cheers for that bro.

Just when we were having the time of our lives eating junk food and watching movies, attempting revision sessions that ended in gaming, this happened.

I pretended to be strong. I gave you my shoulder. I didn’t break down in front of you. That night I went home and cried and cried and cried.

When your parents visited, I came in the mornings to find them slumped in their seats. It was me that made them go home by promising to stay with you until they returned.

We all know you’ll wake up.

We all are praying and I didn’t acknowledge God until now.

This has all turned sad and serious so I’ll put some pictures of us when we were the lions in the drama club play. My onesie actually suited me in a weird attractive way. Yours…your crush was not interested after that. Appreciate the face paint though. I did that. Your faith in me was non-existent, despite the fact I am doing GCSE art. Another instance of you totally believing in me but I totally owned you. Shame the costume didn’t co-operate.

The nurse is shooing me away again. She keeps winking at me. Pretty sure she thinks I’m your girlfriend. Although I could deny it, I don’t want to disappoint her.

Sleep well. Keep fighting soldier.


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