Written In These Pages

When someone says a piece of them is missing, they mean the heart. That lump of muscle that stimulates such a powerful chemical reaction is that final piece of a jigsaw. A piece that falls into place by itself.

Jigsaws are made of many pieces.

It takes a diary and the scrawling of one mysterious girl to place that final piece.


4. Blue and Green

Matt lifted his eyes from the page. Everything was blurry. Her writing was terrible but he could just about handle it. Just.Blue. The name was chewing gum on his shoe. Blue. Was he recognising it for the colour, or did he actually know someone out there with that name. Was there a Green somewhere?

A nurse came wondering over, a huge smile on her face. Matt shut the book and struggled to sit up.

“No, no, you just relax. It’s nice to see you open your eyes, beautiful blue they are.”

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“You had to undergo an operation dear. I’ll let your parents and girlfriend explain when they next come to visit.” She patted his hand as she leant over him to plump the pillows.

Matt started.


The nurse winked. “She’s been here every week, writing in that little book of hers. I’ll come and check you later.”

Matt watched her go, fully aware his mouth was open, inviting the bats in. He couldn’t close it. The only explanation was a doppelganger was living his life and he wasn’t really here. He was a confused character in the plot of some highly complex time warp movie.

He shot a look back at the book. Girlfriend. He liked the sound of that. Before this ‘thing’ had happened, he may have had one. Time to find out.


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