At birth a necklace is given. This necklace is unique there are only two one belongs to your and the other to your true love. Everyone has one but some dissapear leaving you without. Mine was a different case.


5. Your New Home

"Uggg!" I groaned, where am I? I was being carried bridal style. "Luke?" I looked up to see his clear blue eyes. He set me down, "Are you ok?" he asked concerned. I tried to balance myself on my feet, but ended up falling to the floor in a thud. It hurt… bad. Luke let out a small laugh and picked me back up. He walked through an archway and up some stairs he then turned to corner and carried me into a bedroom the walls were light blue and the moon light was pouring through the window.

He set me on the queen bed and I snuggled further into the covers. Luke smiled and sat in the love seat across the room. I gave him a confused look. "I'm staying in here." he simply stated.

"Why?" I questioned.

He stood up and walked to the window looking out into the dark world, "You passed out, your body isn't stable,” he said something else but I didn’t hear him, I had drifted off to sleep.


“AHHHHH!” I screamed and shoot up into a sitting position. I was crying, Luke woke up and ran over to my side. “It’s not real okay, the regulators are trying to get you to come home.” Tears streamed down my face I had just awoken from a dream of my sister dead. Luke wrapped me in his arms and rocked about in forth whispering comforting things to me. I felt so safe with him. I don’t even know him. I finally drifted off to sleep.


I woke up and felt arms around me. I tuned to see Luke, how did we end up like this? Then I remembered what had happened. Luke’s eyes fluttered open and his breathing picked up back to a normal pace.

He unwrapped his arms that were around me and I sat up on the bed and yawned. Trying to break the awkward tension in the room, I walked to the door way. He got up and flipped his hair. “Sailor, you’re here because the regulators know you exist they are planning on taking you next week. I know you have been training and I’m going to try to keep you safe. I am a sacrifice too. They never found me and I want to save others to.” I turned around “Thank you Luke.” I sincerely said.

He walked to the door and opened it. “I hope you like them my sister picked them out and paired them in outfits for you.” I walked over to see a HUGE bathroom and closet. The shower has 2 heads and a seat, the bathtub was huge and the cloths were SO cute! I gasped Luke laughed at me.

He instructed me to get changed into athletic cloths and walked out. I changed brushed my hair, put it up into a pony tail and put some mascara on. I then went down stairs satisfied with my appearance and walked into the kitchen to see Luke eating a smoothie at the bar. He smiled at me and pointed to a smoothie next to him. I sat down and drank it.

The sweet liquid filled my mouth and gave me instant energy my eyes widened my morning laziness went away. “What is this!?” Luke laughed at my reaction. “It’s a secret.” He said giving me a cheeky smile. “Well then!” I said rolling my eyes.

When we both finished our ‘thingy’s’ and we went to the basement to train. It was awesome down there! There were super high monkey bars obstacle courses and even a break in simulator. I tried the simulator first it was dark in the room. There was junk everywhere I knew I was breaking in to a junk yard. There was a search light going around. I hopped silently over a car. The light came by I hid in a pile of scrap metal the light passed and I ran to the next pile, when I was only half way there a blinding light shone on me the alarm went off and the lights came on indicating game over.

“Nice, looks like we need to work on your timing though.” Luke said walking in the giant room.



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