At birth a necklace is given. This necklace is unique there are only two one belongs to your and the other to your true love. Everyone has one but some dissapear leaving you without. Mine was a different case.


7. Taken

My eyes fluttered open. What! Where am I? I started to thrash around. I looked down to see myself tied to a rolling chair. Great! I heard the distant roar of applause getting louder my senses started to kick in. I realized where I was, I was back stage somewhere. But where?

"Yes Thank you thank you. Alright I called you here today because we have a TRAITOR on our hands!" I heard the crowd gasp, "We need to teach this traitor a lesson that we are who we are and nothing NOTHING can change us!" The crowd went wild. Traitor? Who?

A lady wheeled me onto the stage. I realized I was at The Capital. The crowd silenced. "This is our traitor!" The announcer exclaimed I realized who it was the leader of the Regulators. WHAT I'M NOT A TRAITOR! I looked around and saw a familiar face in the crowd Navee! Tear were streaming down her face. It all was happening so fast. The leader grabbed a knife and walked over to me. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! They took the cloth off of my mouth. "Any last words?" he wispered in my ear. My instincts took over, and I'm glad. 

I leaned forward and landed on my feet the chair popping up behind me I spun around and hit the leader with the back he passed out. Oops! *note sarcasm* I knelt down and used the knife to cut the ropes. It was quite difficult but it was the only way I would have and chance of getting out of here.

Three guards rushed towards me I picked up the chair and threw it at one of them knocking them out the other two rushed to me. I kicked one and broke some ribs the other ended with him having a broken arm. More were on their way.

I picked up the microphone, "My name is Sailor I lived in a regular home with my twin sister Navee, I was a sacrifice. But as you can see.... I got away. I'm sorry Navee. Oh yeah and I'm sorry regulators because, I choose my own destiny!" I yelled.

Before the crowd could react I ran off stage guards chasing me. I ran out to exit door and through the parking lot. I looked behind me to see the guards had guns. CRAP! A car zoomed into the parking lot and slammed on its brakes skidding around. Someone dived out and onto the pavement. LUKE?! "Sailor RUN!" I ran even faster sprinting across the parking lot. 

A piercing gun shot rang though my ears. I fell the the ground, I screamed out in pain. There was a puddle of blood, my fission blurred. The last thing I remember was the sky birds the sun, the beutiful world I was leaving.

The End

Haha! Just kidding that's not the end! Love y'all!

Buh Bye

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