At birth a necklace is given. This necklace is unique there are only two one belongs to your and the other to your true love. Everyone has one but some dissapear leaving you without. Mine was a different case.


4. Luke

Navee and I sat close, shivering in the dark cold attic. The musty smell filled my nose along with my sisters rose perfume. I fiddled with the lamp in the corner until it finally clicked on. I could now see the mattress I was sitting on. A baby blue lamp with fabric roses was on the other side of the room. There were two blankets and pillows folded and set neatly on the bed. Navee turned and clicked the lamp on.

We had moved the lamp and the full sized mattresses into the attic from the garage entrance when I was three after the day when the regulators stayed for 6 hours.

Navee both slipped her heals off to make sitting down more comfortable. Regulators sometimes stayed for hours at a time. I grabbed a pillow and a peach colored blanket. Setting the pillow at the top of the mattress. I laid down covering myself with the peach blanket. I pulled out my qpline (phone) and started back up my research about 'the rebellion'. I found an article. 


What was the rebellion about? Who started it? Will there be another one? Who knows there are secrets not found things we must know that they will not tell us. 

The---" I read until a blinding light stopped me.

Navee fell onto her stomach on the bed and started grabbing at my Path (necklace). She eventually slid a black pouch over it  the light dissipated as she cinched it up. 

I knew my fate, so did the Regulators. The regulators go door to door in search of people who are connected to one specific Path. This Path has no one specific other half but multiple that glow in its presence. The Paths that glow in its presence are only worn by people who are used. Used for sacrifices. Sacrifices are taken and trained to become--- well I am not really sure what we become. They have never told us. But no sacrifice has ever come back alive.

The regulators had come to take me.

I knew how sacrifices are trained I research whenever I can its what I do.  I have started training myself so that I can become the best when they do find me and comeback to see my family again.


Don't worry chapters not over, but this next part is informational it gives you all the information that Sailor has and knows. 

100 or so years ago there was a rebellion. This rebellion resulted in millions of deaths and injuries. No one knows what started it (only the regulators do) but it may explain the practice of the sacrifices.

There you go information hopefully you understand better now. If not you will soon. Now back to the story <3.

Navee and I lay on the mattress talking about her new cloths.

"I think the dress is the prettiest!" she squealed.

"Um, ya totally." I replied, with not even half as much excitement. 

I checked my qpline 6:00 I have to go to work. I shushed Navee and quietly and heard my mother chatting with the regulators. Perfect. I crept over to the window and opened it silently. I stepped out onto the roof. I walked to the edge and leaped off the roof landing silently in a frog position. See training. I walked down the side walk listening to the click of my heels. 

Click! Click! Click! Click! CLANK! Someone was following me I stopped knowing of their presence. "Nice moves back there." I low voice spoke. I turned to see a 17 or 18 year old guy with deep blue eyes and brown shaggy hair hanging in his face. He had several tattoos and was very muscular. "Thank you!" I replied stubbornly knowing this guy was spying on me.

"Luke." He said holding out his hand.

"Chelsea." I said shaking it, you see I don't tell random people my real name.

"Alright Sailor," he glared at my startled face. How did he know my name. Creep. Scary. I have to get away from this guy.

Suddenly there were people yelling behind me. What is going on? My heart raced. The voices ot closer. Luke took a step towards me and whispered, "They are here for you come with me follow my lead and you will be safe I promise." I nodded my head terrified. Coming for me. They are coming for me! Who are they? What is happening? I started to cry. Luke took my hand and we ran across the street. To a car pulled over to the side of the road. 

I climbed in the passenger side and he climbed in the drivers side. Luke started to car and sped off. I looked in the rear view mirror to see a mob of people chasing our car. I heard gun shots as Luke turned the corner. Then everything went black.

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