At birth a necklace is given. This necklace is unique there are only two one belongs to your and the other to your true love. Everyone has one but some dissapear leaving you without. Mine was a different case.


6. Changing

I have been training for a few weeks now and I finally passed the break in simulator. Luke changed the scenery to breaking into a bank its way harder than the junk yard and I haven't passed it yet.

My path is changing, its fading its almost become transparent. Luke seems pretty happy about it. I have no idea what it means. 

I just woke up I run into the bathroom and change into some grey and lime green athletic cloths with matching tennis shoes. I combed my hair into a pony tail and applied some mascara.

I skipped the steps and ended up falling down (like an idiot). I looked up to see Luke laughing at me. I stood up and punched his shoulder. I continued walking to the kitchen he followed softly laughing about me falling (jerk).

I grabbed my thingy from the fridge and drank it, still giving me that energizing rush. Luke had finally stopped laughing at me. 

I sat down at the bar across from Luke drinking my "whatever they are called". 

"So, how is Lucy?" I asked, Lucy and Luke's necklaces are connected.

"Um, I just don't think its right. But our paths are connected, so there is nothing I can do." He replied looking at me. I nodded my head.

"Sailor! Your path it's gone!" He yelled I put my hand up to the place my path once sat. It was gone!

"W-What does i-i-it mean?" I stuttered.

"You did it! You got rid of your path you became stronger, you beet it! You beet the regulators. You can choose your own destiny now." He said looking into my eyes.

I stood up, maybe I'll go on a walk. All of this was sprung on me. Choose my own destiny? "Luke, I'm going on a walk." I said before walking out of the house. I walked down the street past row upon rows of homes. My path its gone. Does this mean the regulators don't want me anymore? I can choose my own destiny.... What?

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted a cloth was put over my mouth I tried to get out of the persons grasp but  everything went black.


Haha Cliff hanger What happens next. I'll update soon sorry for the short chapter but I LOVE cliff hangers so ya 

buh bye

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