At birth a necklace is given. This necklace is unique there are only two one belongs to your and the other to your true love. Everyone has one but some dissapear leaving you without. Mine was a different case.


8. Awake

My eyes fluttered open. Light filled the room as I realized where I was, my room at Luke's place. I yawned and rolled over. Suddenly a sharp stabbing pain went through my leg. I screamed my eyes fogged over. Don't cry! Don't cry! I heard someone running up the stairs. Luke opened the door and rushed to my side. Tears were streaming down my face. He looked really worried.

"Sailor are you--" he stopped "Oh," he whispered the last part. Why?

"Luke?" I questioned.

"I'm sorry this is all my fault." He demanded quietly, kind of weird I didn't know you could silently yell at someone. Yet I was very confused. Then I remembered what happened, yesterday or maybe the day before that how long was I out?

"Um, a week." Luke looked at me, I said that last part out loud didn't I. Oh well.

"Oh..." I was hesitant.

"I have some foo--" He was interrupted by a whiz of brown, pink, blue and tan crashing on my bed. The impact not only scared me but sent me a few inches in the air. I looked down with wide eyes. I teenage girl was laying with her face in the covers of my bed. Her hair was dark brown and perfectly strait. Her skin was tan and her dress blue with a pink bow. 

I looked at Luke he just gave me his stupid smiley smirky thing. I looked at the girl. Her head lifted to I could not see her face. I looked to see not any face but my own staring back at me. "NAVEE!" I screamed engulfing her in a huge hug. My tears of pain turned into tears of joy.



Sorry this is really short! So Navee is back! YAY! So many people told me they liked her better than Sailor so here she is! What do you think? Do you like Navee back? Please tell me!? 

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