What if when someone died in the Ocean, they didn't really die?
12 year old, Alexa falls off her family's boat and discovers an amazing secret: people who die in the ocean become Sirens and Mermen. She tries to forget her difficult life and fit in with the others, but was her first life better than her second could ever be?


4. The Clan

"By the way, my name is Jaime." she turned and told me just before diving down into the ocean. I followed her through the water. i found that it was easier than I expected it would be to see, everything was clear, like we weren't even underwater. We swam for a little while before coming to a large cliff. From underwater there was a crack in the cliff and I watched as Jaime disappeared into it, her long, dark grey tail flickering for a moment after she disappeared and then I followed her.

Within the cliff was a cove, the water was sparkling, bright blue and mermaids were everywhere. There were some floating on the waves, their tails swishing underwater, their eyes closed. Others were laying on their stomachs close to the shore, talking and laughing like best friends. Tails of all different colours flickered around me and I didn't know where to look first. I noticed Jaime's blonde head bobbing closer to some of the girls on the shore. I even noticed that there were some bays as well. They stayed away from the girls though, they floated in groups and there weren't very many of them. Jaime motioned me over to her as she reached the shore and I obliged.

She was laying with three other girls. The first girl looked even older than Jaime, she had dark, jet black hair that fell in an angled bob. She looked at me with big, blinking, blue eyes. Laying beside her was another younger girl, closer to my age, maybe 11 or 12. Her hair was extremely curly and fell in the dark brown curls to her waist. Her tail was bright red and contrasted her dark skin beautifully. The last girl could have been anywhere between 14 and 17 years old. Her features were soft, and her eyes a very light violet, the same colour as her tail. Her hair was a very dark brown, almost black and she had pulled it back into a long, french braid.

"This is Nathalia," Jaime told me, jesturing to the girl with the black hair. " and Kristy, and lastly," she jestured to the girl with the braid, "Mariana. Everyone this is Alexa." I waved nervously to the girls, my cheeks probably red.

"Can I introduce her to the clan?" Kristy asked, excitedly. She was almost bounding with energy. Jaime nodded and only a moment later I was being dragged around the cove by Kristy.

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