What if when someone died in the Ocean, they didn't really die?
12 year old, Alexa falls off her family's boat and discovers an amazing secret: people who die in the ocean become Sirens and Mermen. She tries to forget her difficult life and fit in with the others, but was her first life better than her second could ever be?


1. Prologue

“Daddy!” The girl's cry echoed over the vast, blue ocean. Her cry was interrupted by a large splash as her small body fell into the water.

She had been standing on the top of a large boat when she fell. The boat was her parents' boat, their prized boat was even named after the little girl: Alexa.

She was small and short, with shoulder-length brown, wavy hair. Her eyes were a rich, chocolatey brown. She had been playing and just wanted a better view of the clear Ocean. Not thinking it through, the young girl climbed onto the front of the boat and leaned over the edge. At first she just watched the fish, but all of a sudden she lost her balance, and the little girl went tumbling into the water.

Her scream alerted her father and he ran to her aid. Laying down against the bow, he reached his hand out to her. The little girl had her mouth and nose above the water, but was panicking and struggling to breathe. The salt water flooded her mouth every time she gasped. She started to bob under the water, her eyes wide in silent terror.

Her father watched hopelessly as his daughter sank below the surface, her head pointed toward the sky and her eyes locked on his the entire time. Her brown hair cascaded around her head like a lion's mane. That was the first time she had ever seen him cry, the tears started slowly at first, then he was sobbing and they flowed down his cheeks in steady streams. The girl did not cry, she did not feel sadness at what was happening. She just let the water take her away.

“I'm sorry!” Her father yelled, his voice muffled by tears and sadness. “I'm so sorry.” He ended off whispering and buried his head in his hands.

A few feet under the surface Alexa closed her eyes, relaxed her body and sank even further into the ocean.

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