What if when someone died in the Ocean, they didn't really die?
12 year old, Alexa falls off her family's boat and discovers an amazing secret: people who die in the ocean become Sirens and Mermen. She tries to forget her difficult life and fit in with the others, but was her first life better than her second could ever be?


3. Explaining

 I felt something wrap around my shoulders and instead of falling I was being lifted. A minute later I broke the surface. Instinctively I took a huge breath of air, and i could almost hear my lungs thanking me.

After taking a moment to recover, I turned and saw another girl. She was floating beside me, her eyes watching me unblinkingly. She looked like she was years older than me, but younger then 18. She also, looked like a Barbie. Her hair was thick, and blonde. It flowed around her, some strands floating on the surface in a circle around her. Her eyes were still watching me, they seemed to even change colour. I could have sworn that they were a light blue before, almost matching the ocean, but now, they looked bright violet. I decided it was a trick from the light and my dizziness from almost drowning.... again.

“Are you crazy!” The girl yelled at me. Her voice matched her look completely. “Trying to drown yourself, you're so lucky I was watching you!” She took a moment to catch her breath.

I thought back to when I saw a glimpse of something dark grey. Could it have been her?

“What are you talking about? Who are you? What's going on?” I yelled at her. 

"You really don't know what's happening?" The mysterious girl asked me. She had calmed down and now was looking at me apologetically. 

"All I know is that I woke up a few hours ago and I was floating underwater. I appear to be a mermaid, and I thought I was dreaming, that's why I tried to drown myself. I thought I would wake up before I drowned." I explained my situation to her and she nodded, seeming to come to realization of what was really going on. 

"Well, I can't really explain everything to you, but there are more of us. When someone dies in the ocean, they come back like we do. Some of us even have special powers, but we don't really understand them yet, or why only some of us have them. You can breathe underwater, our bodies use the water as air, like fish do, but we can also breathe air. I can show you where our clan is, you can join us." She explained.


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