What if when someone died in the Ocean, they didn't really die?
12 year old, Alexa falls off her family's boat and discovers an amazing secret: people who die in the ocean become Sirens and Mermen. She tries to forget her difficult life and fit in with the others, but was her first life better than her second could ever be?


2. Drowning

My head was pounding, and i could only see darkness. My lungs started to scream for air, that's when I realized I wasn't breathing. I opened my mouth and took a breath, but water flooded my senses. It took more effort than it should have to open my eyes, my eyelids were heavy. When my eyes opened I screamed, a loud, almost screech-like scream. I was underwater. There were fish swimming around me like nothing was wrong, almost like I was supposed to be there. Wait a second, I thought. I'm not dead. I inhaled water, but I' still alive. I looked around me, taking in my surroundings. I couldn't feel my legs, they felt weird, numb. I shook them out and began to swim up, towards the surface. I swam surprisingly fast, and my head broke the surface within only a few seconds. I felt the warm sun wash over my skin and warm it. My vision was blurred by the rays, after being used to the darkness of my eyelids and the water. For some reason I knew exactly where I was. I had never been to Newfoundland before, I had never even been to Canada, but I was positive that's where I was. When my eyes got used to the bright light, I could see the rocky cliffs and shore of Newfoundland in the distance, probably miles away, but it was definitely there. I couldn't remember what had happened, why I was in the ocean. I looked down at myself and gasped in shock. The first thing i noticed was that I was topless, and my usually thin, shoulder-length hair was now almost down to my bellybutton. I started to remember getting on the family's boat with my parents and going out onto the ocean. But that was so far away from here, how did I end up in Canada? I started to examine myself more, looking for cuts and scrapes or anything weird that could tell me what happened and if I'm hurt. I found no cuts or scrapes, none that I did not know of from before, my scars still shone on the skin of my wrists, arms and hips, reminding me of my problems. The next thing i found was crazy, I thought I was imagining it and that maybe, just maybe I was dreaming. I pulled my legs up to the surface to examine them as well, but they weren't there. In place of y legs, my bottom half was a tail, a long, blue tail, almost the same colour as the water around me. A loud scream escaped me, but i raised my hand to cover my mouth quickly. The tail started at my hips and went on longer then my legs had been. Mermaid. I thought. I'm a mermaid. This has to be a dream. I willed myself to wake up, but i didn't. Finally I decided that if I was drowning I would wake up. I dove into the ocean and swam down until I couldn't swim any further. I could feel the pressure of all the water squeezing my lungs and my head started to hurt. My vision blurred and I felt dizzy, but I willed myself to stay under the water. My lungs were screaming for air, but I never gave in. I could no longer see anything around me, it was all blurry and dark. For a moment I thought i glimpsed a large fish somewhere in the distance. A streak of dark grey crossed my line of vision and sent shivers up my spine. My body filled with fear and it took all of my strength not to swim up to the surface as fast as I could. It had been almost half an hour and I was still under the water, and although my body was telling me in all ways it could that I needed air, I was still alive and I hadn't woken up yet. I waited another 5 minutes.... 10 minutes.... 20 minutes, but still nothing. Sometimes I would see flickers of colours in the distance, weird colours; dark grey, light pink and bright green. After an hour, I felt my limbs start to go numb. I fell, my eyes drooped, but I fell and could not stop it. I felt arms wrap around me, and I was being pulled upwards, towards the surface.
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