Love The Horror

linda has one true pashon. Horror. she is in love with the thought of horror, gosts, zombies, and anything paranormal. she has watched every horror movie ever made in every launguage. one day she moves into a new house, 7 days from valentines day, and finds, something very, surprising about her dreams are going to come true. it all started with a freak and a gost.


1. Who's There?

I herd a creek sound. I shot out of my bed hoping to see one, a gost. but no luck. I started to fall back into my bed when I noticed the card waiting on my dresser. I got up and walked over to it. I reached out and grabbed it. it was cold like a dead body, cool. I opened it and read

dear linda,

your blood is red, your eyes are blue.

being dead is amazing, and so are you.



I read it over and over. being dead? who is G.B. is he dead? I turned around and saw that my bed had red sheets and red pillows and red blankets. but they were white when I went to sleep, and when I woke up to get the note. whats going on? I thought.



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