Love The Horror

linda has one true pashon. Horror. she is in love with the thought of horror, gosts, zombies, and anything paranormal. she has watched every horror movie ever made in every launguage. one day she moves into a new house, 7 days from valentines day, and finds, something very, surprising about her dreams are going to come true. it all started with a freak and a gost.


2. Mom?

It was now morning. I had woken up and was now eating breakfast. *Creak* "Mom? is that you?" I asked. My mom and dad were in there bed room. "Yes sweetie. Come here please" It didn't sound like her. "O-OK." I got up and walked over to their room. "AAAHHH!" I Screamed. My mother and father were lying on the bed, and they were still. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed. "Your, dead!" I started sobbing. There was a note with a wilted rose on my mothers stomach.


dear linda.

I apologise for killing your parents.

But I don't want to share you with anyone.



Who the hell is G.B. I saw another note in my fathers hand.


Dear linda,

I know you want to know what G.B. stands for, so I will tell you.

It stands for Ghost Boy.

I mite tell you my real name next time.



So there is a ghost in my house. HOLY CRAP! I am a 16 year old girl with no parents, living in a house with a murderous ghost. I am going to die here. I know it.  

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