Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


1. Not your Average wake up call

I woke up to my phone ringing. I usually would have ignored it because people should know better than to bother me at this time in the morning. "Ugh" I groan as I get up to answer it. I picked it up, noticing it was a blocked number, I assumed it was someone prank calling me. "Who do you think you are calling me at...." I search for my clock, it was missing... So was everything else. "Never mind. Who are you?" I almost yell in to the phone. " Hello, Miss. Are you Shawna Williams?" A polite woman asked "Yes, I am. Now what do u want. Everything in my house is missing except for my phone, bed, dog, and anything that's stuck to the wall." I said particularly annoyed with how calm she was "Miss Williams, there's been an emergency, please come down to the police station." The woman said. "Oh! Okay.... I'll be there ASAP. Is it okay If I bring my dog, I don't want him to get stolen also..." I trail off "As long as you can keep it under control, Thank you. See you soon." She hung up. I didn't notice because I was to busy staring at five men in my living room. They all stared back at me. I was 18 and had just moved into my own apartment. I was still finishing high school and had basically no money. Bear, my German Shepherd, started to growl. But I kicked him and made him shut up. Bear looked up at me with pleading eyes as if he wanted to protect me but I shook my head and he seemed to understand. That beast of a dog and I had special bond, and I loved him so much.

The boy with brown curly hair was the first to speak. "You and your..." He glares at Bear, "Mutt need to come with us..." Then everything went black.

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