Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


17. Nope


Liam took me back to the flat after I was discharged yesterday. Bear greets me playfully but the doctor said I needed rest. Louis takes Bear for a walk.

Harry won't talk to me no matter how much I reach out to him.

Niall doesn't speak to me much but I always catch him staring at me.... I hated that I liked it.

I made a nice dinner for the lads and we all say down to eat. I kept trying to spark up a conversation with Harry but he wouldn't look at me... Or speak to me for that matter.

I finally snapped. I stood up and let it out.

"Harry! Why can you not even acknowledge me! I know I screwed up, but you also need to realize I was drugged! I was freaking stabbed.... On my birthday, Harry!" I yelled across the table

"Sit down, Shawna. Not now." Harry spoke.

"Oh so you talk now?" I say bitterly

"I've talked the whole time, just not to you." He said emotionless

"What the hell, Harry?" I said dumbfounded. "I've been trying and trying to speak to you! You don't even realize that..." I trail off

"Realize what..." He says in his thick British accent.

"Just... Forget it." I say then run back to my room.

I have nothing better to do so I check my twitter.

One says: tht bitch deserves to me stabbed again. Harry's mine.

Another says: I wish I could've stabbed her myself. Happy birthday @shawna.williams

On and on the negative comments go.

Finally I come across a sweet one:

Will everyone leave the poor girl alone? She was hospitalized on her birthday for goodness sake! Back off.

Wow! That was so nice. I decide to give the sweet person a shout-out.

@xxxxxxxxxx wow. Thanks or you're support. I wish everyone else would be so nice. Thank you for making my day, love.

Then I crawl over to my bed and Bear hops up too. I begin to fall asleep when I hear my door open.

I sit up and look around till my eyes land on Harry.

"I'm sorry" he says

"Harry. You don't realize that I don't remember. I. Love. You!"

"I know, Shawna. I just can't love someone who loves Me second best."

"What are you talking about Harry? I love you." I say confused.

"Yes and I love you too. But only Niall is first." He says

"No! Niall hurt me! He was so mean."

"But people change. He loves you. He wants to be better for you. Please give home a chance."

I think while he stands waiting for an answer.

I think


"Forgive me,Shawna, please!" Niall says to me

"No Niall." I say defeated

"Excuse me?! No!?" He shouts back.

Before I know it he slaps me. Hard. And I'm laying on the floor

*back to reality*





"No" I say "now leave me alone Harry. Were over."

I was going to leave tomorrow.

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