Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


16. in love


he just hung up... What happened? What did I do why am I here. I'm so confused I don't even know why I'm here and Harry won't talk to me.

I figure Louis is with Harry. I hope Bear is okay... Louis couldn't possibly be mad at me enough to hurt him.

Liam is sleeping.

So I call Zayn. (Zayn bold)


Hey, why am I in a hospital? Can you please talk to me?

Uh, you really don't remember?

No, I called Harry and he just said he couldn't talk to me. I'm so confused! Did I do something wrong, Zayn?

It's a long story, love. I'm on my way there now. Okay?

Okay. I guess I'll see you soon....

Yup. I'll be there in 5 minutes. Bye Shawna.


I hung up the phone. I gained practically nothing from that except a story in person, rather than on the phone.

----- 30 minutes later------

"So I was stabbed. I was brought here. Niall and I kissed. Harry is mad" I say to Zayn and Liam who is now awake.

"Yes, do remember any of it?" Liam asks

"Nope. Not a thing. The last thing I can recall is telling Harry I was going to the bathroom... Then I woke up here...." I say unsure

"Well you were all drugged up. You woke up for about a Half an hour. Harry was out getting food. You were here with Niall. Harry walked in on you two kissing." Zayn said

"Then you passed out again!" Liam said mock-excitedly and laughed

"Shut up, Li Li." I fire back. Liam was hands down my best friend in the group. He was always someone I could talk to.

"So why is Harry mad. He knows I was all drugged and shit." I say annoyed.

"Well....." Zayn says

"Honey, it just gives you bad judgement.... The drugs don't changeniql your feelings." Liam says.

"Are you trying to suggest I like Niall?"

"He's not suggesting it, love. It's a fact." Zayn says

"I'm calling Niall!" I say "this is getting out of hand. I love Harry!"

1 ring-----

2 rings------

3 rings-----


I hear my phone ring and immediately want to answer it. It was Shawna! I can't seem desperate though...


"Hello?" I say causally

"Niall?" She says "Why would you kiss me? Are you that desperate? I'm... Well I was... Dating Harry. But you ruined that you jerk!"

That stung... "Shawna I'm sorry..."

"Really?! You're sorry?! Maybe you could've said sorry for slapping me? Or locking me in a closet? Harry is nice to me! Unlike you, who abused me!" She yells

"Shawna... I.... I screwed up." I say quietly

"No duh! Niall you're so... Naive! You can't just do something like that and expect to be forgiven!" Shawna says half-heartedly

I had to say it.... I just couldn't "But...." I trail off

"But, what? This is getting old Niall!" She says

"I'm in love with you..." I say

"Well, you've done a real bang-up job of showing it!" She says.

Then I heard four beeps indicating she hung up.

Shit! I'm an awful person.

I wish she would forgive me but at the same time if I was in her position I would hate me too.

Actions speak louder than words....

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