Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


9. I Think it's Love

Shawna POV

I pretend to be knocked out as I listen to Harry's beautiful voice. I mean, I was.... But I woke up. Then he freaking kissed me. I know I shouldn't fell this way about him while "dating" Niall but I just can't help it, and obviously he feels the same way.

"Well... At least I'm not the only one who feels this way about her" I hear another person say. It was Louis. Louis liked me too?!

"Get out she's knocked out" Harry says angrily

"Sure, mate. Just remember... She's not yours." Says Louis. Then he walks away. A few seconds later I hear Harry sing again.

"You and I, we won't ever be like them. We can make it to the end." He sang beautifully. "Nothing can come betwe--"

"Harry?" I pretend to wake up. "What happened?" I ask.

"Nothing you need to worry about right now... Just get some sleep. It's gonna hurt like hell later." He says calmly and sweetly.

"Harry?" I say. "What, love?" He says. "Why did you kiss me?" I ask


"Why did you kiss me?" She asks. Oh, shit. I thought she was out cold. Guess not...

"Because..." I trail off...

"Because...." She mimics me...

"I think I love you" I say regretting it instantly

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