Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


6. Grounded

All of the boys were at the park playing soccer. It was just me and Niall..... Shit.

"Follow me." He says sternly. He takes me to a small room with nothing inside, about the size of a small walk-in closet. "Get in. NOW." He pushes me in and kicks Bear out of the way so he cannot come with me.

"No, please! Stop." I cry. "Too late bitch."he says. I hear the door lock and footsteps pad away. Bear stays by the door and whines. "It's okay, Bear. I'll be out soon... Maybe." I say to calm him.

Niall's POV

Who does that bitch think she is? She made a fool out of me in public. Anyone could've easily heard our conversation as a normal couple. Someone definitely heard it because I'm in a freaking boy band.

I bet the paparazzi got pictures of me dragging her to the car too. Damn it.

Harry POV.

I get home first and I walk to my room. We have an unused closet next to my bedroom. I see Bear sitting in front of it. "Shit! He did not do that!" I say to myself.

I walk up and pet Bear so he knows I'm not going to hurt anyone. I've always been good with animals. I think unlock the door and I see Shawna passed out in the corner and her face is red and tear-streaked. "Hey, Shawna. It's me Harry, I won't hurt you." I say softly. He eyes flutter open and she jumps into my arms.

She has large circular bruises up her arms. "What happened to your arms, love?" I ask. She looks down and gasps

"I guess it's from Niall grabbing me..."she croaks.

"Ow. My back!" She says "Niall pushed me in here and I fell. Can you look for me?" She says softly.

I slowly lift up the back of her shirt, scared of what I might see. "Holy shit." I say

"What?" She asks immediately.

On her back was an awful, purple and black bruise the size of a baseball. "Come with me." I say. I lead her to the kitchen where Niall was making Mac and cheese. "What the fuck, Niall? Look at her back!" I yell at Niall. I lift her shirt up and he gasps.

"Oh my god, Shawna! I'm so sorry! I just got so angry! I didn't mean for that to happen!" She just tears her eyes away and looks to me for support. "Niall, I don't think it's a good time. I'm going to take her to her room." I say calmly

"Forgive me? Shawna, please!" Niall continues. That bastard. "No Niall" she says defeated.

"Excuse me?! No!!??" He practically screams. He looses control.

The rest of the boys walk into the room just as Niall reaches out his hand and slaps her with full force.

She stumbles backwards and slams her head on the counter. Then falls to the floor. She doesn't move. Everyone is to shocked to move. I'm not though.

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