Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


5. First Date, Worst Date

I sleep horribly the first night. I get whole new wardrobe, as Niall said, the first full day. The second night I slept a tad better.

Niall wakes me up the next morning. "Shawna, wake up." I pretend to still be sleeping. He stares and me and puts a hand on my back. He tucks a strand of hair between my ear. He stays staring at me for a few more minutes. Then it ends.

He shakes me. "C'mon, Shawna, get up." He coos. I flutter my eyes open to make it look natural.

"Hi?" I say softly. He smiles at me. "Good morning! I have good some news."

"What...?" I ask suspiciously. He answers "I think it's time we go on a date..."

"Well that certainly is news..." I say and mumble "not exactly good news" so he can't hear.

--------5 hours later-------

He takes me to a small cafe for lunch. I get a small tea and a salad. He gets a milkshake and some sort of gross sandwich.

"So how have you and Bear been?" He asked look next to me at Bear. He hasn't left me side since we've been here and has followed me everywhere. I have to tell people that he is a service dog and sometimes I have seizures.

"As good as we can be." I say coldly giving him a dirty look.

He grabs my arm. Hard and pulls me out of the cafe. Bear growls but I glare at him.

Message received. He stops.

Niall glares and me. "You will pay for that later."

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