Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


4. Cute? Maybe.

He takes my hand and pulls me up off the ground. "Do I have to be your real girlfriend too?" I ask over dramatically.

"Only if you want to be." He says and shoot me a cheeky grin.

"I'll do what you want if I can just go pee." I laugh. He puts an arm around my waist and leads me to a bathroom. I try to shrug it off, but he pulls me closer and digs his fingers into my hip. I inhale quickly, not expecting the pain.

Bear sees that. He was calmly following begin me but now he is barking and growling about to lunge at Niall.

Niall let's go and shoves me into a bathroom and Bear follows me in. "Turn around, Bear." I say. He obeys. I've had a lot of free time since I moved out, so I've taught Bear many new tricks.

------five minutes later-----

I walk out of the bathroom to see the whole group of 1d waiting for me.

"Yes?" I say. I am going to be such a bitch to them for kidnapping me.

"Hey Niall!" Louis says, "Control your bitch." He says and nods he head at me.

"Right here, people." I say as Bear sneezes. I hear Zayn curse under his breath and mumble something about being allegiance to dogs.

"Okay, are you gonna just sit and stare at me all day? Or... What?" I remark

"First we'd like to go over the rules..." Says Liam he seem like the nicest. I wish I had to date him, not that freak-leprechaun over there.

"First rule- always act completely in love with Niall in public" says Harry

"That's like the only rule, dipshit." Says Niall

"How long to I have to live here, and what about clothes? I have none with me." I state

"You will live here till we say u don't have to anymore. You will always be welcome though. Fans already like you. And we'll buy you a while new wardrobe." Says Liam

"Wait..... How do u know fans like me..." I trail off.

Louis holds out a picture of me sleeping on Niall's shoulder that Niall posted on twitter. Most of the comments are positive. Niall captioned it "my new gf. @Shawna_Williams."

It was kind of cute and the fan girls went nuts over it.

Niall leads me and Bear to my room. "Here ya go babe, dinners at 6:00. Come get to know us if you'd like." Niall walks out, then walks back I and says "You can go shopping with Perrie, and Danielle tomorrow. Perrie is Zayn's girlfriend and Danielle is Liam's ex."

"Great, thanks." I say

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