Still Here

They both sigh and nod. Harry was obviously hurt but she was obviously in love with Niall. Anyone with eyes could see it. Niall was just stupid.
She was careful, especially since we'd kidnapped her.


11. Almost Perfect

(Six months later)


I couldn't contain my excitement.

Shawna and I had been dating for over six months now. It was her 19th birthday today and I was taking her and the gang out for dinner. I was planning to tell her I loved her tonight. For real.

Not when I said it before we had dated. I was a year older than her. I loved her so much. She was perfect for me.

----- 3 hours later------

We were at the restaurant and I asked Shawna to dance with me while we waited for out food to come. She looked absolutely stunning tonight. She was wearing:

She looked wonderful, amazing, everything I could ever ask for. She went to the bathroom and I was waited for her to get back. I wish she would hurry up. It's been like 10 minutes...

Maybe I should check on her....

That's when I hear her scream, "HARRY HEELLP!"

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