I Only Thought I Was A Good Boy

A romantic comedy about a gay law school student who happens to fall for a hipster. But there's a twist... Is this person really a guy? Is he into something illegal? He's so mysterious!


3. Your Bad For Me But I Like It

               My sleep was disturbed by my phone going off loudly on the bedside table. I wouldn't have been that upset if it wasn't for my late night studying for an exam. But I was quick to answer it, for some reason thinking of Dominick. Though there was no reason to even think that, because he hadn't even had my number. My friend happened to be on the other line, rambling about some nice party that was happening tonight and I refused. I had never been to a party. I have never gotten drunk. Most people were surprised by this but I didn't understand why... Were there no young adults like me anymore? I hung up the phone after a little while of chatting and sat it back down. None of my college friends knew I was gay yet. Its not like I'm trying to hide it... 

               I got around and made myself some oatmeal, sitting down in front of the T.V. to watch the news. I then sat down and continued to do extensive studying for my exam. I went out to eat lunch and stared at Dominick's door far longer than I should have before hopping in my car. I settled for chinese buffet. It didn't take me long to get full and get back home, but by that time it was already 5 o' clock. I was unbelievably lazy for the next couple hours, and I was even disappointed in myself for my mother. I could just hear her telling me to get up and stop looking dead, and I did when there was a knock at my door. 

               I stepped over, still being in my red polo v-neck sweater and dark blue skinny's. Under my sweater was a white undershirt, and a blue tie. I had my sleeves pulled up to my elbows. I didn't look bad, and I hardly ever did anymore in case he was to ever randomly show up again. The door slowly opened to reveal my college friend again. His intentions were obvious and I sighed. 

               "Daniel, I don't want to go to that party..." I said before he even had a chance. 

               "Oh, come on! Quit being such a good boy!" He said as he slumped. 

               Good boy? 

               Good boy... These words, did they really describe me? Was I really one of those boys out of your group of friends that were sickeningly good. That they all talked about behind their back. He knew I was in a moment of consideration and he took this opportunity to push me further into my self conscious thoughts. 

               "Do something fun for once." He said sarcastically. 


               I think the peer pressure that had ultimately got me to this party, where teenage girls were flocking up like sheep and being herded by a certain wolf which happened to usually be a pretty handsome guy, had made me put shame into myself honestly. Daniel drug me through different rooms, and everyone smelled of alcohol. It was strong, and almost unbearable. He brought me to a room in this amazing house where I couldn't see my hand in front of me. It stunk, horribly, and I was sure I didn't want any part of it. I had never smoked pot, but the smoke was thick and Daniel just laughed at how I was repetitively disagreeing with this situation to myself. I tried to look around the room to see any individuals, and there were a few girls sitting along a huge couch upon which he sat us. I plopped down beside him and lifted my head back up. I was starting to feel faint from Daniel constantly blowing smoke in my face. It was annoying in all honestly and I decided to get up and venture to the other side of the crazy house on my own. I stepped through some doors and found myself back to the drunkards. A few girls offered me a beer but I refused their offer and they moved on trying to find a good sport who would take it. 

               The music was loud and it seemed to vibrate the whole house. Some kind of new remix music, possibly Daft Punk, I wasn't sure. I couldn't think straight as I walked over to set on one of the bar stools in front of the counter. My brain was scrambled and I was trying to grasp all the facts so I could figure out what to do next. My thought process was quickly interrupted when I spotted an unbelievably sexy male across the room. An unbelievably sexy male that happened to live in front of me. An unbelievably sexy male who was allowing a girl to dance all over him, and suddenly made eye contact with me staring at him. I turned away quickly and stumbled out of my chair trying to get out of sight but it was too late. Though I was running away with an undeniable painfully jealous swelling in my chest, it didn't take him long to catch up. 

               "Hey! Mathew, I didn't expect to see you here." He said as he caught my arm and I turned to him awkwardly. "Wow! Your eyes are super red, having fun?" He said, having to get close to my face because of the loud music. I could feel my temperature rising and this was not a good situation. I didn't want to be in this mindset around him, but apparently he disagreed. He reached over for one of the glasses of alcohol on the counter not far from us and he smelled it. "Mmmm." He said after smelling the alcohol and looked down at me like a predator to his prey. It sent shivers down my spine. I didn't think he knew what he was doing to me until he settled a hand upon my waist bringing us closer. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest but I made myself keep eye contact no matter how much I wanted to watch his lips move as he said, "Calm down." He removed his hand from me and took the glass over to the counter, going out of sight for a minuet before coming back. "Here." He said as he handed me a glass. 

               "No... You don't understand.. I don't..." I tried to tell him without embarrassing myself but he interrupted me. 

               "But I made it specially for you..." He said with a pleading tone. I looked down into the glass where a few bubbles fizzed around the bottom. I gulped nervously before looking back up at him. He stared down at me while he took a long drink from his slightly lighter alcohol. He seemed to get enjoyment from seeing me take a drink of the strong drink, and seeing my face crinkle up in response to the taste. A huge smile spread across his face and he cheered me on to get another drink, which for him, I did. I took a few more drinks of the small glass. It didn't take long for me to start feeling funny. 

               The music started sounding muffled, like I was being pulled away. I felt dizzy and I didn't really remember where I was. I knew just a minuet ago, but I forgot. I looked around, not quite registering all the people, I seemed to just look right through them to this one person on the other side of the room. How did he get there so fast? He sat on the couch, and waved me to come over. I pushed through the other invisible people to get to him quickly, while something was trying to pull me back. "I have to go see Dominick." I said. They kept telling me 'I'm right here' while repeating 'No come back.' But I ignored it because Dominick wanted me to come sit next to him. I got to him finally and he pulled me into his lap. My whole body felt hot and just great, and him holding me made me feel even better, our lips connected and there was no stopping me now. The music was suddenly so loud I could hardly stand it, but I didn't let that make me pull away. His hands felt like they were all over me, and I closed my eyes, opening them again to find myself somewhere else. When did I get here?  A bed? There was still music, but it had changed. Dominick was shirtless now and was crying I was so happy, It felt good to cry right now which was weird but its not like I cared. I felt down my body, noticing my shirt and pants were gone. Everything seemed to move so fast, but I felt so amazing, the blankets, the light, the music, the smell... Dominick. Everything was helping escalate my mood. I glanced back down at him, but he was no longer there. Just my fists clenched in the sheets, on my knees and elbows. I closed my eyes, opening them again as I released a small moan feeling everything. I gasped, as strong hands gripped my waist, but before I knew it I opened my eyes and the room was dark. 

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