I Only Thought I Was A Good Boy

A romantic comedy about a gay law school student who happens to fall for a hipster. But there's a twist... Is this person really a guy? Is he into something illegal? He's so mysterious!


5. Why are they calling me?

               I woke up around 8 in the morning, checking my phone to find a text from Dominick. 

Please come have breakfast at

my house in the morning. 

               My stomach knotted up nervously and I laid there comfortably debating on what to do. My decision was obvious if I only went with my heart. But, if i used my head just a little bit it would have been different. Instead I was fixing my hair and cleaning up to go have breakfast with the man of my dreams. Wouldn't anyone else do the same? I couldn't stop thinking about him. Whether he would like this shirt more or that shirt more. Whether he would prefer cologne or not, even whether I should wear nice underwear or not just in case he happened to swoon me and get me into his bed. I was nervous because I knew this was possible for him. I cared about him, and I cared about what he thought about me. Once I looked pretty decent, I stepped out of my apartment, locking the door behind me and stepped over the sidewalk and across the small bit of grass to his door. I could hear the doorbell inside, it was quite loud. Not a minuet later the door opened and he looked down at me with excitement in his eyes. 

               "Hey." He breathed out as if he had been worried that I wouldn't show up. His eyes focused down on me and suddenly his words from the night before came back to me: I made it specially for you... I looked down away from his eyes, already upset as I stepped inside. 

               "You invited me to breakfast..?" I said softly, but still standing my ground. I couldn't just be friendly and forgive him after what he did. 

               "Ah... Yes I did. What do you want to eat? I have eggs, pancakes, bacon, oatme-"

               "Just some pancakes would be fine." I said, I had not had pancakes in a while and they sounded nice. "Make sure you don't slip anything in those please." I huffed as I looked around, not waiting to see his reaction to my sharp words. His apartment was really nice, filled with interesting art pieces and a few guitars. 

               "I won't ever do that again..." He sighed as he stepped off into his kitchen. I looked around as I waited for him to call me in and sit down for breakfast. Once I did, he sat down in front of me and passed me some syrup. His pancakes ended up being surprisingly delicious, but I tried not to give away how much I actually liked them. It was silent between us for a while but he ended up being the first to say anything. "I'm sorry..." He said as he focused those emerald eyes on me. 

               "That's a nice speech you prepared for me..." I said sarcastically as I continued eating. 

               "I like you, ok?" He said getting impatient with my attitude. My heart stopped and I didn't really know how to register that coming from him. I stared at him for a long while, obviously flustered and excited about his confession. I looked back down sighing to myself.

               "So you drug me..?" I ask, confused but wishing he was being honest. He got up and scooted his chair up against mine, sitting very, very close to me. 

               "I only wanted us to have fun... It usually doesn't affect people that drastically... I tried to stay with you and bring you with me, but you seemed to think I was someone else. I am so, so sorry." He said looking away as our knees pressed against each other from sitting so close. I was quiet but I couldn't possibly go without forgiving him now. He looked so sincere. He looked so feminine... It was alluring, but only because it was a neat kind of feminine look. Not girly, just... sexy.  My heart pounded as I stared at him and he turned back. Our eyes locked together, my lips slightly parting as I was being completely absorbed into his stare. We continued to stare at each other for countless minuets it seemed. The tension was almost too much for me. My eyes widened as I realized he was coming closer to me, intentions clear. His eyes half open as he tried to lean in for a kiss but I turned away. 

               "I don't think this is the right time for this..." I mumbled as I stood up. He drooped his head down awkwardly being rejected. I didn't want to reject him, but I didn't want to succumb to him for now. I wanted to show him that I was a strong individual. I did exactly that and dismissed myself from the table. "I like you too, but I need a little time to process all this." I smiled softly at him as I started towards the door. "Breakfast was really good, thank you." 

               "Of course, just message me whenever you want okay?" He said softly. I nodded and left, shutting the door behind me. I would give it some time, but if I was to be completely honest, I could not wait to be in his arms. My heart throbbed. 

               Not long after I left Dominick's apartment I got a telephone call from a weird number. I answered it anyways. 


               "Hello Mr.Harris, this is Sheriff Harold Conner, I'm gonna need you to come down to the station for questioning."

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