I Only Thought I Was A Good Boy

A romantic comedy about a gay law school student who happens to fall for a hipster. But there's a twist... Is this person really a guy? Is he into something illegal? He's so mysterious!


1. Sexy Neighbor


                I, the good boy, was undeniably interested in him, the bad boy. Which I knew wasn’t good, and I didn’t know for sure if he was a bad boy at the time. He just looked the part, and every morning around day break you could see the flicker of a flame for a short second before the small orange glow of a cigarette wavered by his doorstep.  As the sun came up you could see a slowly more discrete person sitting in a white wooden chair taking long drags from the addiction. And like a dragon he would blow it out of his sexy lips, majestic and slow. I watched in fascination at how someone could be that beautiful and I found myself not able to keep from watching him every morning. He looked experienced, the way he moved, the way his lips rested on his cigarette or how he drooped his arm off of his knee with his leg propped up in the air. The way he stood and took one last look at the sunrise before going back in his shield from the world. I had made an excuse to myself to leave early one day just so I could wish him a good morning. It was returned with a strange silence but a small wave a hand to let me know I wasn't ignored. He was the most mysterious person I have ever known and every instinct I had told me to stay away. But I suppose that’s what made me want to be near him more just out of curiosity.

                My parents raised me well, I was purely Christian, I also went to law school. The only thing that everyone shunned me for was because, I was gay.  I still am. I never was like my brother. He had a lot of girlfriends who he always cheated on. But instead I looked up to my brother’s friend. He always included me in on the games they played, even though I was never very athletic.

                I was in my first year of law school, and had rented an apartment. They were just one story apartments but they were nice none the less. I was lucky enough to get the apartment across from this unbelievably sexy guy. He had shaggy black hair that was straight and he looked like one of those new age hipsters that you always saw smoking weed in pictures on social media sites. I was always the one for more classy looking men but when I set my eyes on my neighbor I couldn't help but to be so attracted. Not to mention all the people who came to his house all of the time of varying age groups. I was curious as to what he did, or why they came. Where they friends? Family? His girlfriend? Boyfriend?? I eventually told myself, stop being nosy!

                I found him playing a guitar with the door open after a month or so living there, and I couldn't help but to listen in awe with my door cracked. ‘I’m not the kind of guy that will leave you dry, speaking hateful words that will make you cry. Ill fuck up your ex, and steal you away. Your beauty is breathless, and I'm gonna make you stay~”  That little melody was amazing. It stayed stuck in my head for days and days. His voice was beyond angelic. Almost feminine. But in an attractive way. I found myself daydreaming in the middle of classes, wondering or imagining what he did in his spare time, or maybe the day that I would work up the courage to speak to him for the first time. Little did I know, that time was soon to come. 

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