I Only Thought I Was A Good Boy

A romantic comedy about a gay law school student who happens to fall for a hipster. But there's a twist... Is this person really a guy? Is he into something illegal? He's so mysterious!


4. Confusion

               I rolled around a bit wondering what the hell had happened as I sat up, completely naked in this soft bed. It smelled musty, and my body felt disgusting, like I had... 

               I felt someone laying next to me and my immediate thought was Dominick.  I scooted over to him and shook him a bit. "Dominick..." I mumbled quietly. It took a moment to wake the sleeping figure, he had obviously had a rough night also. But my stomach sank as the male sat up. His hair was much shorter, I could tell by his silhouette that this was not Dominick. 

               "Who's Dominick...?" He spoke while latching onto my arm. I pulled away, almost frightened of the contact. I squirmed, grossed out, and jumped out of the bed. I felt really awkward standing there with no clothes on, so I felt around for mine in the dark. When that didn't work, I decided to look for the door in the very minimum light of the moon. 

                "Oh my god. What the... I'm so lost what happened." I said, searching for a door. I finally made my way to the door, a small line of light lingering underneath it. Slinging the door open let a shower of bright light enter the room. What the hell! I quickly shut the door, realizing the party was still going on, and a couple people had seen me completely naked. Could this night get any worse?! I flipped the light switch on, gathering up my clothes. The man in the bed had been giggling slightly. I huffed, dressing myself with as much attitude as I could muster up I had the worst headache ever as I stepped out, now fully dressed. Luckily my things were still in my pocket. I tried my best to quickly exit the party. I was nervous, and felt horrible. I just wanted to go home and lay down, but I had no clue where I was at. I brought out my phone calling Daniel and after about 5 times, he finally answered his phone. He was still inside, I could tell by the loud music. 

               "Daniel!" I yelled as soon as he picked up. 

               "Hey, you crazy animal!" He laughs, along with some shuffling. "Where are you at?"

               "I'm outside, can you come take me home I feel really bad." I sighed as I looked at my feet. The grass was really green, I could tell even in the dark. The large house had music pulsing from inside and it only amplified my horrible headache.

               It took a lot of arguing for Daniel to finally agree to take me home, but I was not going to give in until he did. I would go as far as going back in there and yanking him out. He came out with a small back of chips in one hand. I just rolled my eyes and followed him to his car as he bragged about what all he did tonight. We got in the car and he laughed as he said, "Yea, you were pretty crazy for a little while then I didn't see you again." I sat for a moment wondering what he was talking about, then turned to him to stare curiously. Did I want to know?.. Of course. Why do I even ask myself that?

               "What do you mean I was crazy? What did I do?" I asked. He turned to me with an appalled expression. 

               "You mean you don't remember?!" He started laughing and looked back at the road as he spoke. "Dude, you were like making out with a pillow on the couch. Then you were like 'I'm gay too!'. Some guy was trying to pull you away, but you sat on the couch for a while before walking off with this other guy. I didn't see you after that because I went to the back room with my friend."

               So much confusion, and anger was rushing through me at this point. A pillow??? Come on why did I have to make out with a pillow. Where had Dominick been? Was he the guy that I walked off from? What did I say to him... I had this strange feeling that Dominick was responsible for the way I was feeling. If he was, then as much as it hurt me, I needed to let him go. Or, maybe I was overreacting. Maybe it was just an accident and he sloppily picked up someone else's drink. I hugged onto myself while my stomach rumbled uncomfortably. Before he had got me home I made Daniel pull over twice so I could throw up on the side of the road. He wished me good luck after I told him I thought I was drugged and he said to text him. I nodded and exited the car, making sure I had all my things. Dominick's living room light was on but I turned away, making my way into my apartment as quickly as possible. 

               I locked the door back and made sure my blinds were closed before stripping my clothes and heading to the shower. The hot water rejuvenated me and made me feel a million times better so I was at least able to think now. I laid on my couch and took out my phone staring at the contact. Dominick. I couldn't keep myself from being upset with him. Maybe for the fact that he left me alone after drugging me. I wasn't sure if that was something people usually did at parties, but I knew I had the right to be angry. I spent the next half hour researching rape drugs, which only infuriated me more. I made sure he would know how I felt too. I opened a new message to him and started typing furiously, my eyebrows furrowed and my heart pounding with betrayal. 


I know you slipped something in my drink.

don't really appreciate how you just left

me all alone with a stranger after giving me 

something like that. I don't think we should be

friends anymore as much as I would like

to be. Please don't talk to me anymore.


               It took me forever to hit send, knowing that possibly after this, everything I felt for him wouldn't matter. I felt like I wanted to cry. It upset me so much, as I figure it would anyone. It wasn't even 10 minuets later before there was a knock on my door and I jumped. Noooo, please go away! I thought to myself. I knew it was him. 

               "Mathew... Please answer the door." His voice was calm, but I had to keep focused and stand my ground. I crawled to the door on my hands and knees as if he would see me if I chose to do this any other way. I stood behind the door and listened to the silence on the other side, awaiting his amazing resonating voice. "Please, I know you just got home. Let me explain." My heart yearned to hear him out as I leaned against the door quietly, closing my eyes imagining what he looked like after tonight, and what he would say. He rung the doorbell a few times again. He soon surrendered and as much as I hated to ignore him, I watched him walk back to his apartment through my peephole. I sighed and walked to my room turning the kitchen light off and laying down.

               I couldn't sleep for a while but sleep eventually found me and gave me peace for a few hours. 

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